The Democrats’ "Anti-Competition" Act

18 01 2007

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Democrats won the mid-term elections and instead of shaking hands and tipping their hats to their opponents with a jolly, “Good game!”, they are going to sit in their dugout and taunt them. Then again, it’s come to be expected. La Shawn Barber writes a great post on liberals’ faithful crutch: Big Government:

When outgunned and outmanned, they create more government regulations to inhibit the success and progress of their conservative betters. One way they intend to do this is by resurrecting the so-called Fairness Doctrine.

The Fairness Doctrine was a Federal Communications Commission regulation enforced from 1949 to 1987 that required broadcast licensees to present both sides of a controversial issue. In 1969, the Supreme Court ruled the practice constitutional, contending that there was “nothing in the First Amendment which prevents the Government from requiring a licensee to share his frequency with others.”

During the era of deregulation under President Ronald Reagan, the practice was dropped in 1987. In the absence of the archaic regulation, conservative talk radio flourished. But liberals are eager to exercise their new power and leech off the success of conservative markets. Led by busybodies with too little important work to do like Congressman Dennis Kucinich and Senator Bernie Sanders, Democrats want to chill conservative speech and what they consider to be attacks against liberals.

Conservatives win every time in the war of ideas; liberals, bereft of ideas of their own, will try to suppress and regulate the marketplace of ideas at every opportunity. For examples, see college speech codes and hate crime laws.

Liberals dominate major newspapers and most television networks. They rule Hollywood, and in most major cities, you are presumed to be liberal unless otherwise noted, especially if you’re black. They’ve got taxpayer-supported radio and TV already. National Public Radio and the Public Broadcasting System both lean left. But it’s not enough for them. They are more interested in stifling conservative speech than creating something of value of their own in an open and competitive radio market.

One argument that was not available five years ago is that with the immense popularity of Fox and the steadily-increasing growth of blogs, the liberal stronghold in TV and print are being chipped away.

Air America failed because people just don’t want to listen to a bunch of whiny, white, America-hating leftists all day. Go figure!

It’s no wonder liberals are opposing legislation to strike Section 220 from S1, the new bill that violates free speech with too much government censorship. It appears that Congress wants to keep an eye on thorns in their side, like Porkbusters. It may be significant that S.1 was introduced by Harry Reid, one of the Kings of Pork.


Harry Reid’s little gift to bloggers: Section 220 of lobbying and earmark reform bill S.1. Section 220 of that bill, which already passed the senate by the way, would force bloggers who communicate to more than 500 members to register as a lobbyist with the government or face a $100,000 fine and/or prison time.

The language of Section 220 is vague enough that blogs could fall under the purview of this law, making some bloggers required to register with the government as a lobbyist.

Senator John McCain, who previously supported Section 220, has publicly announced that he will vote to strip the offending section from the bill. Smart move, as Senator McCain, who is running for president, is not in good standing the conservative base of the Republican party because of his Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act.

As La Shawn Barber wrote once:

There is no affirmative action in the blogosphere, and for that I’m glad. People link to bloggers they like, bloggers who share their views and write good posts. It’s voluntary. There are no government quotas to fill or entitlements to hand out.

So what does (a very liberal controlled) government do? Put them in jail. That’ll shut them up.




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