100 Hours of Liberal Socialism

19 01 2007

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While the House Democrats are patting their own backs for completing their first “100 Hours” in slightly more than half the time, let this be the swift kick in the rear to reduce the swelling in their heads.

Despite making values issues a priority in their campaigns, liberals jettisoned their pro-family sentiments in their first weeks on the job.

Instead, Speaker Pelosi (D-CA) and company introduced measures to fund anti-life research, silence voters through lobbying reform, increase taxes, and police thoughts through a new “hate crimes” law. Not only did the majority work to silence voters, they also backed rule changes that could have a similar effect on their conservative colleagues.

In her first official act, Speaker Pelosi limited the amendments and debate offered by GOP members on the House floor, claiming that this is what the Republicans did when they were in power. But contrast her efforts in the first “100 Hours” with that of the 1994 Contract with America. When Republicans had the upper hand, they introduced a total of 24 bills in their first “100 Days,” 19 of which were open to amendments from the minority. Democrats were invited to participate in the debate and offered 154 amendments to prove it.

Pelosi’s regime, on the other hand, has become an exclusive legislative clique, limiting debate and the offering of alternatives. The leadership made sweeping promises to seek common ground on social issues. When this “100 Hours” is over, she needs to schedule at least 100 more on legislation that would promote and protect the family.

Somehow, with comments like these from Pelosi, suspicians are true that Democrats have definately moved family values to the back burner, or knocked them off the stove completely.

“In the November election, the American people signaled their wish for change — a wish for our country to go in a new direction,” said House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif. “Democrats promised that we would, and these past two weeks, we have delivered on our promise.”

While these issues were burning in YOUR mind, anti-life research, silencing voters through lobbying reform, increasing taxes, and controlling thoughts through “hate crimes” laws are not really what Americans voted for.

But when the Democrats were called on their hand-cuffing of Republicans, Rep. Louise Slaughter, D-N.Y., chairman of the House Rules Committee, snaps:

“We are working on an agenda that the minority would not or could not do, and we’re fulfilling our promise to the American people.”

So, because Republicans will disagree with every single line in a bill, let’s just not include them. That’s the spirit.




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