Hillary for Madame President

20 01 2007

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I slept in this morning as my bride had our boys at the store. After waking up, I took care of the 3 S’s, got online, and by George, nearly had one of them again. Not at the announcement of Hillary’s exploratory committee for President, but at the thought that she might actually win. I flushed that thought away quickly and decided to take my determination and work ethic to a new level. She must not win. She will not win.

Democratic Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton has made it official, announcing “I’m in” for the 2008 presidential race on her Web site. The former first lady acknowledged her plans to take the first step of forming a presidential exploratory committee. “I’m not just starting a campaign, though. I’m beginning a conversation with you, with America,” Clinton says in her web message.

Allah, likewise, is not impressed:

On a Saturday morning? Sure, one of her advisors told Hotline — this way, she’s in the spotlight for the State of the Union on Tuesday. But then why not announce on Monday, when people are paying attention?

Amateur mistakes. I blame Bill.


And get this: she’s wrapping herself in the image of Margaret Thatcher. As an admirer of Lady Thatcher, that’s really offensive.

Not only was the Iron Lady really tough when it came to national defense, but she was also an economic conservative who was a true believer in low taxes and deregulation. Before former PM Thatcher led the British parliament, the UK was steeped in a form socialism that was even greater it is today. Hillary Clinton, on the other hand, will make sure we are steeped in socialism before she’s done with us. Remember the nightmare called HillaryCare?

And Wizbang again.

Captain Ed is also unfazed:

In what has to be one of the most anticlimatic campaign announcements since Ronald Reagan in 1979, Hillary Clinton officially announced her candidacy for the 2008 Presidential nomination.

Michelle Malkin: “Let the games begin.”

Woman Honor Thyself trackbacked with: Muz-lim Mag?




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