Canada Silences Man of Faith Over Homosexuality

26 01 2007

Filed under: Homosexual Agenda, Liberalism, Politics, H.R. 254, Congress, Hate crime

An incident in Canada should serve as yet another warning over the end results of “hate crimes” legislation. In British Columbia, a Catholic city councilor has been ordered to pay a homosexual couple $1,000 for publicly saying that their lifestyle is “not normal and not natural.”

Canadian flag_not normal

The man in question, John DeCicco, was simply restating the church’s teaching on homosexuality, but instead the state considered his personal beliefs “hate speech” under Canada’s hate crimes law.

While DeCicco has since apologized to the men, the couple’s complaint has resulted in a hefty fine and potential court proceedings. In an interview, DeCicco said, “In this great nation of ours we can express our opinions, and when you can’t there’s something wrong.”

If the U.S. Congress passes H.R. 254, the same scrutiny our northern neighbors face could soon be here, which will have a chilling effect upon free speech. The pattern is clear: a “silence Christians” “hate crimes” law will inevitably lead the government to police our thoughts, and, eventually, our personal opinions and beliefs. Although proponents of the bill claim that the legislation would further tolerance and help end discrimination, the only effect it will truly have is to gag people of faith and conviction who disagree with the homosexual agenda. After all tolerance is only an excuse to allow sin to flourish.




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