Immigrant Earth Worms

30 01 2007

Filed under: Immigration, Borders, Tunnels, Politics

I guess even if we build a fence, they’ll still get in via other means. Like digging tunnels.

In recent years, dozens of tunnels have been discovered running under the border. The smaller, more crudely constructed passages are easily destroyed, authorities say. But the larger, more elaborate tunnels require enormous amounts of material and expertise to fill.

The task to jam up an entire route also is costly and sometimes complicated if the tunnels run under private property, authorities say.

According to a report in Tuesday’s Los Angeles Times, seven of the largest tunnels discovered under the U.S.-Mexico border have yet to be filled in, including the so-called Grande Tunnel found in January 2006 that extends nearly half a mile from San Diego to Tijuana.

Filling those tunnels would cost about $2.7 million, according to U.S. Customs and Border Protection officials, the newspaper said.

Securing the border is not an option. Like food is not an option for my budget, neither should securing the borders be an option for this administration. We must secure the borders before we can deal with the problem of the millions of illegal immigrants already here.




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