Fetus Killing is Murder

31 01 2007

Filed under: Abortion, Politics, Texas Ninth Court

Another example of the double standard America has with its laws regarding fetuses:

The Texas Ninth Court of Appeals upheld the law in a case concerning a double capital murder conviction involving a man who killed his unborn twin sons. The court validated the law that says criminals who attack a pregnant woman and kill her baby can be charged with two crimes for the death or injury to both mother and child.

In May 2004, then 16-year-old Erica Basoria asked Flores to step on her stomach because she didn’t want to give birth to the twins. Basoria has told authorities she had been trying to kill her unborn children for weeks before Flores attacked them.

Flores was convicted of killing the babies and received two concurrent life sentences that won’t let him be eligible for parole until 40 years from now. However, his lawyer, Ryan Deaton of Lufkin, argued the unborn victims law used to prosecute him was unconstitutional.

How is it that we can penalize this father for killing his unborn twins, yet allow abortionists to abuse medical instruments and brutally kill other children?




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