Conservative Grapevine

14 02 2007

Be sure to check out Conservative Grapevine today, where you’ll find links like:

Atlas Shrugs: Podcast: Pamela chats up Mark Steyn

The Hill: Rep. Ellison calls the cops to snuff Tancredo’s cigar.

The Corner: The rise of the quick-to-torture Jack Bauer as a major fictional hero is troubling? Not at all.

Hot Air: Vlog: My Silky Pony (a creative masterpiece of mockery).

The Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler: Okay, that settles it — Guiliani’s out.

You can check out all those links and more by visiting Conservative Grapevine.

Also, don’t forget to bookmark Conservative Grapevine. It’s a site that is dedicated to highlight the best posts & vlogs from around the right side of the blogosphere as well as covering articles about blogging.




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