FNC Takes Satire Out for Spin

14 02 2007

Filed under: FNC, Satire, Politics, Comedy

Fox News Channel is airing two pilots of Joel Surnow’s “The ½ Hour News Hour” to test the market for a right-leaning satire show.

FNC is testing the concept on Sunday nights. The first episode will air at 10 p.m. Sunday and repeat the following Sunday. The second episode will air at the same time March 4.

The show, which stars comedians Kurt Long and Jenn Robertson, owes quite a bit to “Saturday Night Live” segment “Weekend Update” in both format and spirit. The “newscasters” will take a story of the day and then spin it to a comedic extreme.

“We’re calling it news with a sense of humor,” said Surnow, producer of Fox’s “24.” “It’s a show that satirizes the targets that have been missed by the mainstream satirists on TV.”

One seg discusses the timeless popularity on campus of T-shirts bearing the iconic image of Che Guevara. “We spin it into a campus T-shirt salesman who also sells T-shirts of Mao and Hitler,” said co-producer Manny Coto.

Surnow, a personal friend of Rush Limbaugh, said he hopes to get some promotion for the skein on conservative talkradio over the next few weeks. “You can turn on any show and see Bush being bashed,” Surnow said. “There really is nothing out there for those who want satire that tilts right.”

Most people don’t know who Che is and why it’s important to expose this type of thing. Doing it with a comical twist is a good idea to reach an even broader audience by a network that is already obliterating liberals competitors with shows like 24, American Idol, O’Reilly, H & C, Hannity’s America, etc.




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