Democrats Bleed Life from Iraq

15 02 2007

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Democrats have gotten creative with their latest strategy for Iraq. While the entire world knew their options were to cut ‘n run, defund it, or allow it but vote against it, no one quite saw a combo coming.

They might as well have sent a Valentine care package to every troop overseas in a big red box with lots of pretty decorations adorning the outside, but when the soldiers open it, inside they find a big, plump leech.


It’s called the “slow bleed” plan and frankly quite disgusting that Vietnam vet, John Murtha is behind it. Credit the Democrats again for creativity, because with the slow bleed plan, they plan on using every ally they have to slowly defund the war and then blame the Bush administration for failing to do his job with the remaining resources. They don’t have to worry. The news media, Hollywood, and every other leftist are gearing up to take the “blame Bush” campaign to a new level.

Top House Democrats, working in concert with anti-war groups, have decided against using congressional power to force a quick end to U.S. involvement in Iraq, and instead will pursue a slow-bleed strategy designed to gradually limit the administration’s options.

Led by Rep. John P. Murtha, D-Pa., and supported by several well-funded anti-war groups, the coalition’s goal is to limit or sharply reduce the number of U.S. troops available for the Iraq conflict, rather than to openly cut off funding for the war itself.

The legislative strategy will be supplemented by a multimillion-dollar TV ad campaign designed to pressure vulnerable GOP incumbents into breaking with President Bush and forcing the administration to admit that the war is politically unsustainable.

As described by participants, the goal is crafted to circumvent the biggest political vulnerability of the anti-war movement — the accusation that it is willing to abandon troops in the field. That fear is why many Democrats have remained timid in challenging Bush, even as public support for the president and his Iraq policies have plunged.

Murtha and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., have decided that they must take the lead in pressuring not only Republicans but also cautious Senate Democrats to take steps more aggressive than nonbinding resolutions in challenging the Bush administration.

Murtha has devoted himself over the last two years to finding a way of ending the war on a dime and blaming the Bush administration for failing. Two large tasks, neither of which contribute to our nation’s security and safety. There is no denying that Democrats are aiding terrorists with both of these goals.

Captain Ed:

If Murtha wants an end game of a complete withdrawal, then that’s what he should propose. Instead, he wants to steadily decrease the level of support for American troops in a theater of war, putting them increasingly at risk by starving them of resources, including reinforcements.

That may help the Democrats avoid responsibility for the ultimate collapse — although I doubt Americans or historians will buy that — but it does so via a deeply cynical political mechanism. Say what you will about the war in Iraq, but it had the best of intentions from the start: freeing the Iraqis from oppression and giving a region of tyrannies and kleptocracies an example of how liberty could free them and allow Arabic culture to blossom into modernity. The Murtha slow bleed offers no vision except defeat, retreat, and humiliation, all paid with the sacrifice of unsupported American troops.

Michelle Malkin:

One word: “Disgusting.”

Hot Air has the video of Murtha.

Bryan at Hot Air:

If you oppose the war and truly want us out of Iraq, put your own name on the line and move to cut funding. Put your name on your policy. If, as Barack Obama said, you think we’re wasting lives in this war, then the honorable thing to do is to stop that waste immediately. Put your name on your policy as well as its outcome. Not conduct a “slow bleed” strategy that is the political equivalent of the strategy that the terrorists and insurgents have themselves deployed on the ground. We have truly reached a new low in this country when the Speaker of the House and her favorite henchman are running a strategy that will definitely get American troops killed for a war they lack the courage to stop in their own names.

Democrats’ goals were, and still are the same as terrorists’: Resist.

Conservatives’ goal was and still is steadfastness, which is never easy nor popular, unlike the Democrats’ methods.




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