Conservative Grapevine

19 02 2007

Be sure to check out Conservative Grapevine today, where you’ll find links like:

WorldNetDaily: A Muslim man, who outraged many in the UK last year by dressing as a suicide bomber during protests against the Danish publication of cartoons of the prophet Muhammed, has been hired to clean trains at night.

Victory Caucus: From a MoveOn press release: “Chairman Murtha will describe his strategy for not only limiting the deployment of troops to Iraq but undermining other aspects of the president’s foreign and national security policy.”

Newsbusters: Bob Woodward admits that the Democrats voted for the war and so they bear responsibility for how it’s going.

The Nose On Your Face: The full text of house resolution disapproving of troop surge including, “Congress would like to give a “shout out” to the Iraq insurgency.”

Hit and Run: A blogger, the Liberal Avenger, altered a conservative commenters’ post on his blog to try to make it seem as if that person was admitting to incest. The blogger then publicly lied about the incident and claimed that the screenshots of it were photoshopped.

You can check out all those links and more by visiting Conservative Grapevine.

Also, don’t forget to bookmark Conservative Grapevine. It’s a site that is dedicated to highlight the best posts & vlogs from around the right side of the blogosphere as well as covering articles about blogging.




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