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5 03 2007

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Hopefully not. Hillary and Obama spoke pandered at churches yesterday within a stone’s throw of each other to commermorate Bloody Sunday. They both sported southern accents that must have taken weeks of training to master. Didn’t work. It was just a shame for Hillary that her peeps didn’t think to have outdoor speakers hooked up. Since they didn’t hundreds of people outside the church went down the road to hear her good friend, Obama.

There is at least one political issue about which Democrats and Republicans can agree: Moving up Alabama’s presidential primary was crucial to the decision by Hillary and Obama to help commemorate the Bloody Sunday voting rights march in Selma.

The Legislature voted last year to move the state presidential primary from early June to the first Tuesday in February. But legislators forgot that the primary date in 2008 would fall on Fat Tuesday, a legal holiday in the Mobile. That would keep voters in some majority black precincts in Mobile from getting to their polling places because of scheduled Mardi Gras parades. That could play a role in whether the U.S. Justice Department will clear the proposed election changes as required by the federal Voting Rights Act of 1965.

Some blacks themselves are wondering about the effectiveness of voting Democrat.

For Herman Johnson Sr. of Atlanta, [who visited Selma] the issue today is parity.

“The people here can vote, but most of them can’t buy any of the houses,” said Johnson, 57, who grew up in this community of little more than 20,000. “And d*mn, personally, I’d rather have a house than a vote, you know what I mean?”

High time. The Republican party was the party that freed them and used to be the party they voted for, until liberal Democrats came along and made them slaves again by promising government programs to take care of them in exchange for votes.

At the march later, a woman hoisted a placard into the air, reading “Hillary, you should/could have chosen another day to beg blacks for votes!!!”

Jean Jones, 49, had biting words for all white candidates who descend on black churches during campaign season.

“That’s where we are on Sundays is in church and the most segregated hour in the South is 11 o’clock on Sundays and that’s during church services. So if we really are for all the people all the time, then why can’t we go to church together? Why do we just have to see the white candidate in our church during election time?” said Jones, a child advocate.

Clinton, she said, shouldn’t have skipped Alabama but played her hand differently. The senator could have, for instance, focused her efforts on Troy State University’s Rosa Parks Library and Museum instead.

“She missed her golden opportunity in Alabama,” Jones said. “She could have gone to Montgomery to the Rosa Parks Museum where the women actually started the civil rights movement and she could have expounded on that and ran with the feminist theory,” she said.

Instead, all she did was fake a southern accent.

See the video of Hill and Boma’s speeches here.

Allah points out a few irregularities by Obama: (updated, see below)

1) His claim that a Kennedy-sponsored airlift in Africa was responsible for bringing the Obama family to the U.S.

JFK didn’t take office until two years after Obama’s arrived in the U.S.

2) His claim that events in Selma led to his parents getting together–and Obama being born.

Obama, Jr., was born four years before Bloody Sunday in Selma.

Response? Sure, why not? What’s another lie?

Obama was born in 1961, four years before the march across the Edmund Pettus Bridge. But spokesman Bill Burton said Obama was “speaking metaphorically about the civil rights movement as a whole.”

La Shawn Barber wonders:

“This sort of thing is supremely embarrassing and irritating to me. What is it with black churches and condescending white liberals? A match made in ‘heaven.'”

Others: Michelle Malkin, Hot Air, Wizbang

Update: Allah says, “Looks like the mistake about the Kennedys’ role may be mine, not Obama’s. Juliette from Baldilocks points to this Time magazine piece about the “Kennedy airlift” of aspiring African scholars — in 1960. I can’t find any references to an airlift in 1959, though, when Obama said his father was in Hawaii.”

Update: 3/7/07 – See today’s Vent at Hot Air. And Michelle Malkin has the YouTube version.




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