Sleuthful Democrats

7 03 2007

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Now that the 2006 fall elections are over, and we’ve seen typical Democrat legislation utilizing their new majority, we can expect to see more covert attacks on conservative values. With the exception of John Kerry and his “stuk in Irak” botched joke insult on the troops, no other Democrat seems to have the guts to come out say what they really believe. This is partly due to “election result syndrome” in which Democrats are demonstrably unable to discern what to do after an election, both defeats and wins. If they lose, they claim they were cheated. If they win, they think it is because of far leftist ideals, such as Cut ‘n Run, baby-killing rights, and homosexual “special rights.” Both cases are untrue, but, it is supporters of these far leftist ideals that provide a large portion of their funds and, as a result, receive much attention from liberal politicians.

One hope for conservatives is that the only reason Democrats won a majority back in 2006, is many conservatives ran as Democrats and won seats because Republicans lost sight of their true values and allowed Democrats to pick them up and run with them. It remains to be seen how much far left secularism these “new conservatives” will tolerate and vote with. They are in a lose-lose situation: If they don’t vote with their elder leftists, they’ll be replaced by other pawns in the next elections. If they do vote against them, they’ll be compromising their values and lose their voters’ trust.

No issue will see more sleuthfulness than that of the homosexual lobby in the Democrat party. Democrats have a bill to pay to the homosexual lobby for helping them gain a majority last year. We are anticipating a platter full of legislation that will attempt to sneak bill through under sleuthful names. For example:

Creating special protections for homosexuals becomes “hate crimes.”

Forcing businesses to elevate homosexuality to civil rights status becomes the “Employment Non-Discrimination Act.”

Mainstreaming the homosexual lifestyle at the expense of morale in the Armed Forces becomes “The Military Readiness Enhancement Act.”

A state legislator in Maine recently introduced a bill to strip the clergy of the right to sign marriage licenses, thereby divorcing state-sanctioned marriage from religious ceremonies. Lawmakers in Maine have also introduced LD375, “an act to amend the Family Medical Leave Laws,” which would greatly expand the existing domestic partnership benefits. Mike Heath, Executive Director of the Christian Civic League of Maine, is working hard to push back the agenda by enlisting online activists to help him.

Please sign up for the Civic League’s citizen Action Center today.

Montgomery County, MD, has implemented a new sex education curriculum that made minor changes since the 2005 version was thrown out by a federal judge. Minor changes include demonstrating a condom on a piece of wood instead of a cucumber and lessons on homosexuality conveniently omit the long list of religions that disapprove of it. The curriculum also avoids discussing health risks associated with certain homosexual-preferred sexual acts and stigmatizes those who disapprove of homosexuality by using the loaded term, “homophobia.”

Two citizens’ groups that oppose the curriculum, Citizens for a Responsible Curriculum (CRC) and Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays and Gays (PFOX), appealed the curriculum to the State Board of Education–but the county rushed the pilot program into use without even waiting for a ruling on whether it complies with state laws and regulations.

By these standards, we’ll soon be adding “homopediphile” and “homorapist” to sex ed. After all, those are just “lifestyles” or “sexual orientation.”




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