House Democrats "Plan" for Iraq

21 03 2007

Filed under: War in Iraq, War on Terror, Liberalism, Cut n Run

Democrats miraculously won a majority in Congress without a single mention of a better plan for Iraq. This is largely due to dissent among their own ranks. Some wanted an immediate retreat. Others wanted a retreat in 6-12 months. Still others thought maybe we should maintain a presence but “re-deploy” the majority of our troops.

Then came the “Slow Bleed” plan which was shot down. Their moves are becoming more and more predictable and this video from Congressman Eric Cantor plays out a scenario thatcould occur if the House Democrats supplemental funding bill is passed. Another plan sabatoge attempt from desparate Democrats too scared to come out and say what they truly believe. That is, they don’t really support the troops because they don’t support the war.

Also, Mr. Cantor has launched a petition to tell House Democrats not tomicro-manage the war. Stop by and sign it.




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