Gore and His Chicken Little Syndrome

23 03 2007

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I have purposely avoided blogging too much about Algore and his now infamous “CLS” (Chicken Little Syndrome), but after this week’s activities, I couldn’t resist. Gore’s efforts are pathetic. And that’s being awful generous.

Let’s look at how these few minor events shaped up to be just another obvious slow-pitch for the Left.

After a six-year absence, Al Gore was greeted more like a liberal folk hero on Capitol Hill than a former vice president. His newfound fame, provided in part by two Oscar awards, helped persuade Senate Environment and Public Works chair Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.) to relax the rules on his global warming testimony. Unlike others called to testify, Gore was not required to submit his planned testimony 48 hours in advance. Instead Boxer waived the rule, giving Gore preferential treatment and allowing committee members only a few hours to prepare for the hearing.

During the session, Gore’s “Chicken Little” scenarios were met with skepticism, particularly from Senate Republicans like Jim Inhofe (R-Okla.) who said he, like many scientists, believed the dire global warming projections were a “hoax.”

On the House side, the former vice president was called a prophet by some Democratic members but his revelations were challenged by others. Rep. Joe Barton (R-Texas) cited 600,000-year-old scientific evidence that Gore’s carbon dioxide claims are false.

When Gore introduced a 10-point plan to make the environment a U.S. priority, conservatives argued that taking the steps he proposed would stifle the economy and harm the family.

Mr. Gore is not the first prophet of doom. Not unlike 19th century political economist Thomas Malthus, who urged drastic steps to limit population growth because of the scarcity of resources, the proposed cure is more intrusive government. In time Malthus was proved wrong, but his heirs love on. Source: FRC

Bill Saunders points to a new group that formed the make sure evangelicals have solid information:

In spite of the hype, it is not obvious that greenhouse emissions are the cause of global warming. For this reason, another group of evangelicals–researchers, professors, pastors, leaders–has banded together in the Interfaith Stewardship Alliance (ISA). The ISA seeks to find an effective and sensible response to the possibility of climate change, using established norms of science and economics.

The simple fact, as ISA notes in its statement, “Dominion, Stewardship, Conservation,” is that among the scientific community, the opinion is varied as to how much the global climate is changing and what effect mankind has had on that change. As ISA points out, the jury is out as to how much is truly understood about global climate change. Although Gore’s movie paints a black-and-white picture, this issue plays out in living color.

While some studies demonstrate anthropogenic climate shifts, others attribute the changes to varied solar output, or “precipitation microphysics.” One study in the journal Chemical Innovation called into question the very causal relationship between CO2 output and global warming, arguing that the data show elevated CO2 levels follow warming and do not cause it.

Gore needs to back it down a few notches. If he wants us all to ride bikes and use candles then he can lead the way and cut off the power to his mansion and sell his private jet(s). Those carbon offsets aren’t really offsets if you partially own the company that buys them, Al.




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