Army’s Message to Democrats

31 03 2007

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UPDATED: Chimp’s Refuge compares troops to jihadists. Scroll for updates…
UDATED 4/1: Chimp’s Refuge backpeddles on jihadist analogy. Scroll for updates…

Cpl Chris Mason, a soldier who was killed in Iraq in November, 2006, made this video while on duty. His father posted it yesterday.

Chris Mason, 32, was a member of the Army’s 82nd Airborne Division. He once told his brother over the telephone that “he loved being in Iraq and waking up there because it was another day helping those people,” Garland Mason said.

“He talked about it a lot. He loved the people, he loved the children that would come out and hold his hand and walk with him. He loved training the Iraqi army. He had a great relationship with the Iraqis.”

Allah asks:

Where do we find such men?

Democrats need to realize that social classes of elites and peasants do not exist in America and that they actually, gulp, owe their “elite” life to these soldiers.

Baker High School graduate Chris Mason wasn’t afraid of dying in Iraq because of his faith in Jesus Christ and his belief in the importance of helping others…

Yes, Democrat Party, that is known as “living out faith.”

“We want to be here.” That’s hard for Democrats to swallow. Heck all of their “polls” show even Iraqi’s want us out. But if you actually go to Iraq, schools are open, hospitals are running, businesses are starting, money is being made, people are happy. Certainly, they don’t want us there indefinately, but no one wants that. But those darn polls. I mean, c’mon, we can’t have positive news coming from Iraq, and since the surge is working, there are no bombings or troop deaths to report, let’s poll stage-a-poll of Iraqi citizens.

UPDATED: Kevin at the Chimp’s Refuge compares troops to jihadists!!?

I do think this is a tragedy, because it’s a waste. All the foregoing suggests is that Chris Mason was no less deluded than a suicide bomber with visions of eternal paradise, virgins, milk and honey in his head. If I thought that I would, in effect, live forever after my corporeal death, I’d probably be willing give up my life for a hollow cause as well. His family speaks as though their son was in the Middle East primarily on a humanitarian aid effort and not as a soldier.

Honestly, I don’t know how this guys sleeps at night with such evil thoughts like comparing an American soldier to a Radical. Islamic. Jihadist?!! Can you say insane?! Out of touch with reality? At first, I thought he might have been a bit short on oxygen after a long run, but then realized that he actually believes what he just wrote. What’s in the mountain air in N. Carolina where he is anyway?

But really, I must thank Mr. Beck. For he has just said what many in the Democratic Democrat Party actually believe. We’ll never truly know what Hillary and other liberal leaders believe. They supported the war when it was popular and now say they opposed it . . . because it’s popular. But for most liberals, American solider = Radical Islamic Jihadist.

Thank God we are ALL, including you Mr. Beck whether you like or not, blessed to have a President and a military that doesn’t make decisions based on popularity.

To amend Allah’s question from above, I can tell you where NOT to look for these men: Hairless runners in Blue Ridge, NC.

UDATED 4/1: Chimp’s Refuge back peddles on jihadist analogy:

In response to what I wrote about Kevin’s comparing our troops to jihadists, he is now backpeddling with this offering:

It it superfluous to point out that stating that a member of the U.S. military who “wasn’t afraid of dying in Iraq because of his faith in Jesus Christ” and an Islamofascist who isn’t afraid of dying in violent service to Allah are laboring under near-identical delusions. That Islam presents a special, vile problem thanks to the unrivaled commitment to the cause of its proponents is unquestioned. And yes, when you get right down to it, even were U.S. Christianity equally insane in its manifestations as well as its ethos, I’d obviously still pull for the Western brand of lunacy since I happen to be a target of Islamofascism by default.

I’m sure you would, Mr. Beck. Nevermind that our troops are willing to die for you, but you would root for them because you are targeted by their opponent? How SELf-CENTERED can one man be? I didn’t think he could get any worse, but Mr. Beck has wowed us all again.

Realizing how hard it is to look past Mr. Beck’s enflated head to see his argument, I will do so for you so you don’t have to. Mr. Beck’s now two-fold comparison of Islam to Christianity displays his lack of knowledge about the most basic tenets of each: The former a religion cult, the latter a relationship.

Jihadists die for two selfish reasons: 1) martyrdome and 2) the advancement of Islam. This advancement of Islam has one goal that has obviously managed to slip past Mr. Beck’s engorged head: Force the rest of the world to convert to Islam or kill.

On the other hand, Christianity is grounded in servanthood. This is also the basis of our military. It’s a volunteer army. Certainly not every American soldier is a Christian, nor do they all share Mason’s personal beliefs, but a nearly every single American troop believes in fighting, and dying, from a servanthood position, regardless of their religious standing.

Thus, we see that while both use a higher being as their overall motivating force, it does not mean their reasons for sacrifice are equal, Mr. Beck. In fact, they are complete opposites. But expecting an atheist to understand either position is quite a stretch. But thankfully, he will know which side to root for.




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