She Can’t Be Syria-ous

5 04 2007

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President Madame Speaker Pelosi visited Syria yesterday upon her own initiative and against the will of the former current leader of the free world, President George W. Bush. While it is inexcusable that the leader third in line for the presidency would kowtow to a country that is a major purveyor in the trafficking of women, illegal drugs and terrorism, it’s even more disturbing that she would concede by covering her head–which is usually seen as a sign of submission in the Muslim world.


Nancy and her vast knowledge of “negotiating” with terrorists. This is just one of the steps to talking to them, I’m sure. Just the fact that she is a woman is already looked down upon by Muslims, so doning a head cover would be the natural thing to do.

During her meeting with Syrian President Assad, Pelosi conveyed that Israel was also willing to re-commence peace talks.

But Israeli Prime Minister Olmert denied having asked her to communicate such a message in a “clarification” statement issued on Wednesday evening.

Since the end of the summer war between Israel and Hizballah in Lebanon, Syria has made a number of overtures toward Israel, but Israel has rejected them, saying that Syria isn’t serious about making peace. The last official peace talks between the two countries were in early 2000.

Olmert emphasized that although Israel is interested in peace with Syria, “that country continues to be part of the axis of evil and a force that encourages terror in the entire Middle East,” the clarification statement said.

This should be clear to someone supposedly as smart as Nancy Pelosi. You don’t go pandering to terrorist nations on your own country’s behalf without at least some support from the White House. But you definately do NOT make declarations about another country without an official statement. This is obviously another liberal attempt to undermine the Bush administration’s efforts on the War on Terror. Oops, guess we can’t call it that anymore either. I can’t wait to hear what liberals will call it . . . “Peace Talks with Terrorists,” “Jihad Negotiations Phase I,” “Sleeping with the Enemy,” Wait, wasn’t that a Hollywood Left movie? Oh, what’s the difference to them? There’s no real threat anymore . . .

World Net Daily reports that top terrorist leader living in Syria, are hopeful that Pelosi’s “brave” visit to Syria will lead to future talks with Iran and other “Middle East resistance groups.” WND has some good audio interviews at the above link with terrorist leaders about Pelosi’s visit.


And unconstitutional. The United States only has one president at a time, and only that president has the authority to set our country’s foreign policy.

This trip did accomplish something though: it showed that the foreign policy of talking to our enemies that the left hails as being superior to President Bush’s is hopelessly naive and completely unsatisfactory for dealing with our enemies. Bashar al-Assad manipulated Speaker Pelosi and made her look completely ridiculous. What’s the lesson here? The Democrats need to leave dealing with our enemies to the adults.

Captain’s Quarters:

The Democrats, led by Pelosi, have tried to undermine Bush for years. Now that they have the majority in Congress, they can give full vent to their schemes. The efforts of the past couple of months show that the Democrats want to turn the Constitution upside down, strip the executive branch of its power, and make Congress the supreme power in the American system.

Well, sorry, but that’s the British system. Perhaps Pelosi would be more comfortable there or in Canada, but here in the US, the elected President has all of the Constitutional authority to conduct foreign policy and command the military. That remains true even when Congress dislikes the policies in both areas. If the Democrats want a new foreign policy, then let them nominate someone who can articulate one that the American people support, and stop nominating appeasers and vacillators.

Pelosi’s “foreign policy” apparently has no problem with these kinds of betrayals … another reason Americans don’t trust Democrats to conduct the nation’s business abroad. Where is Robert Byrd and his pocket Constitution when the Democrats need them?

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