Christianity vs Islam

10 04 2007

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For some reason that slips beyond actual reason, there are those that compare Christianity to Islam, as if the two have similarities. Whether these comparisons are made from ignorance or an absolute refusal to see the obvious differences, I’ll never know. Marvin Olasky contrasts them highlighting the treatment of women as a key factor that distinguishes Islam as being very different from Christianity.

The Bible speaks of God adopting us into His family: The relationship of God to Christians is as a father to children. Allah for Muslims is more distant, and the relationship is that of master-servant or (many Muslims say) master-slave. In Christianity the church is the bride of Christ, who gave His life for her, so husbands are to love their wives enough to die for them. The marriage relationship in orthodox Islam also mirrors its theology, which means a husband is to a wife as a master is to a servant or slave.

The Quran calls husband “guardians” and notes in chapter 4, verse 34, that wives can be beaten: “admonish them and banish them to beds apart, and scourge them.” Some commentators, though, say that only the lightest tap is allowed. Muslim men can be polygamous, based loosely on the model of Muhammad. Muslim men, however, are to have a maximum of four wives; since unlimited polygamy was an option before the Quran

In traditional Muslim societies every woman is to be under the authority of a father and then a husband; a woman is not to go out by herself and is certainly not to draw attention to her beauty by showing some skin or going without some form of head covering. At the time of Muhammad this was probably a loose scarf covering head, neck, and shoulders, but many orthodox Muslims today demand a complete covering with only eyes showing. They state that such clothing leads to greater respect for Muslim women and less incitement of men to lust.

Feminists in Muslim countries tend to have a different agenda than American feminists, who often speak of sexual liberation and precise occupational equality. Muslim feminists tend to emphasize the problems of slavery within marriage and their desire to let arms, legs, and neck get some air.

Add to this, the now familiar terms of Radical Islamofacists (Jihadists) vs Traditional Muslims (peacful) and one can see that the discourse within Islam is far worse than that among the more widely known Christian denominations.

The master-servant relationship that begins with Allah-Muslim and extends to man-woman is Islam does not end there. It continues to the Muslim-rest of world as well. Some Muslims act differently on their faith than others as is evidenced by Jihadists, but every Muslim seeks to convert every soul to its master-slave cult.

In stark contrast, Christianity has the son of God sacrificing his own life for every person that will believe in Him. This sacrificial stance continues to the Christian husband-wife relationship as well as with the Christian-rest of world relationships. Muslims are called to convert and kill if they meet resistance. Their motivations are martyrdome and virgins. Two self-serving factors for a person to obey. Christians are called to serve and sacrifice. A significant difference in belief and living out of faith.

Obviously, these two beliefs do not share anything in common except a belief in a higher power. But it stops there. Islam’s Allah is not the same god as the Christian God. Allah represents what Muslims want in a god, therefore they pray to him because their great prophet instructed them to do so. Christians pray to Jesus, the son of God, who came to earth as a human and gave himself so that we might live with Him forever.

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3 07 2008

See this clip comparing Islam and Christianity:

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