Blood on Democrat’s Hands Now

24 04 2007

Filed under: Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Politics, War on Terror

I am amazed at the absolute and intentional level of ignorance by liberals lately. Even readers of my blog join Reid and Pelosi in the “Lost war” chorus.

Take a good look at how The NYPost nails “Defeatist Harry” today:

From the start, Reid and the Democrats have seen the war in Iraq as a partisan opportunity.

They refuse to present a unified front to the rest of the world – especially to America’s enemies – because, in their pinched view, to do so would be to weaken their own prospects for retaking the White House in 2008.

No, Reid didn’t repeat his declaration of defeat during yesterday’s speech from the Senate floor.

It probably has dawned on him just how big a political blunder he committed – witness Sen. Chuck Schumer’s gentle contradiction of the majority leader over the weekend, insisting that “the war is not lost.”

Then again, Reid didn’t have to repeat his original remarks – because the imposed timetable he announced, if enacted, would bring about precisely the same result.

That is, a precipitous U.S. withdrawal from the region – if Reid thinks the bug-out would stop at Iraq, he’s dumber than he sounds – followed by:

* A rapid, al Qaeda/Iranian-driven descent into regional chaos.
* Most likely, a general war.
* And, almost certainly, a Mideast nuclear-arms race as Saudi Arabia, Eygpt and (probably) Turkey rush to arm themselves in anticipation of an Iranian bomb.

At the very least, Reid has to understand that his rhetoric can only encourage short-run insurgent attacks on Americans in Iraq.

Their blood stands to be on his hands.

Hat tip: Michelle Malkin

Hot Air has a video highlighting Reid’s blood-smearing.

Reid vows not to believe Petraeus if he reports progress in Iraq.

Captain Ed points out that Reid has gone so far as to declare the war lost and Pelosi has a simpler way of dealing with Petraeus and his briefing for Capitol Hill — avoid him:

So what was so important that Pelosi could not attend a briefing on the progress of the war? It does not appear to be an emergency, since no one has suggested that she has left Washington in the middle of a work week. Is there another more pressing matter than the war in Iraq? Certainly the Democrats have not thought so to this point; they have made it their most pressing issue in attempting to force Petraeus into a retreat in the face of terrorists and gangsters.

The most pressing policy issues revolve around our efforts in the war on terror, including the war in Iraq. If Pelosi cannot fit that into her schedule, and Reid cannot bring himself to listen to the field commanders, then neither of them should hold leadership positions. The Democrats apparently want to surrender at every opportunity they can find.

There are good days in Iraq and bad days. But overall, the country is moving forward. I remain doubtful of our version of democracy working in a Muslim-dominated state. So it might take a few trial-and-errors to make something work.

In the meantime, it would be nice to see the people who voted in favor of the war, to support the troops their vote sent overseas, instead of the backstabbing, enemy-emboldening, political-gaming we are getting from the whiny Democrats.




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