Get Your Ostrich Bonnet from the NY Times

5 06 2007

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Michelle Malkin is calling it, The Gathering of the Ostriches.


A grim reminder of what the “ostrich hat” did for us before Hitler took over.

The NYPost lambastes the NYTimes for handing out ostrich hats downplaying the JFK terror plot”

Terror plot? What terror plot?

That’s what The New York Times seems to be asking, even as most news outlets are giving front-page coverage to the recently foiled scheme to blow up JFK Airport’s fuel pipeline.

The paper’s goal seems to be getting America to lower its guard – which can only lead to disaster.

The suspects were “Short on Cash / And a Long Way From Realizing Goals,” one Times headline insisted yesterday. Regarding two of the men arrested, a second headline asserted that “Neither Seemed an Extremist.”

Indeed, on Sunday the paper barely covered the arrests of three suspects behind the plot: Its main story appeared 37 pages back…

… Let’s be clear here: The “paper of record” isn’t guilty of merely poor news judgment. It’s got an agenda.

Numerous newspapers understood the gravity of a plot against New York by terrorist upstarts from a seemingly unlikely part of the world – the Caribbean, just a few hours from U.S. shores. The Washington Post, for example, put the story on its front page Sunday.

Nor is the Times’ coverage of this story a quirk: The paper has downplayed several other terror cases because the plotters were “merely” in the “talking” stage. Last month, after the Fort Dix Six case came to light, the paper ran a piece called “Informer’s Role Draws Praise and Questions” – casting doubt on “the legitimacy of the investigations” because of the role of an FBI informer.

None of that should matter.

The point is, an unknown number of ruthless actors around the world – some in our backyard – continue to emerge and threaten the nation.

Last Sunday, we got to read about how much more important bricks in India are than a thwarted terrorist attempt on our home soil. A perceived Republican strongpoint should not prevent the media from reporting on terrorism even if it was deterred … unless the media’s agenda usurps the American people. Why is it that FoxNews is so popular again?

Want to see where other ostriches are burying their heads other than the sand? Click here if you think you might know where KO sticks his head.

Fox News is reporting today that Abdel Nur, the fourth JFK terror plotter who was at large , has surrendered in Trinidad.

A Guyanese suspect in an alleged plot to attack New York’s John F. Kennedy Airport surrendered to police Tuesday in Trinidad, a police official said.

Abdel Nur turned himself in at a police station just west of the Trinidadian capital of Port-of-Spain, police spokeswoman Wendy Campbell told The Associated Press.

Nur is the fourth man arrested the alleged plot, including a former opposition member of Guyana’s parliament and a former airport cargo employee who was arrested in New York.

Nur is reportedly the uncle of former world welterweight boxing champion Andrew “Six Heads” Lewis.

Authorities in Trinidad and the United States announced they were searching for him on Saturday, when U.S. officials disclosed the alleged plot to blow up a fuel pipeline that feeds the airport.

U.S. authorities claim the alleged plotters unsuccessfully sought support in Trinidad from Jamaat al Muslimeen, a radical Islamic group that staged a deadly coup attempt in the Caribbean nation in 1990.

Bricks last time. What’ll it be tomorrow for the NYTimes?




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