A Party Consumed with Killing

11 06 2007

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On the road much of the day today, but I wanted to discuss several email updates from FRC that I received over the last few days exposing the Democrat Party’s obsession with killing.

First up is Nancy Pelosi’s bill to fund Embryonic Stem Cell Research (ESCR) even though current research has failed over and over whereas Adult Stem Cell Research (ASCR) has not. The measure passed the House, but failed to garner enough votes to override a promised veto from the White House.

Science is a gift of God to all of us and science has taken us to a place that is biblical in its power to cure,” said Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Democrat of California. “And that is the embryonic stem cell research.

Science is a gift of God, Nancy, you are correct. But those gifts come with limitations. And killing human embryo’s violates those limitations because it’s complete nonsense to suggest that God wants us to destroy human embryos, since they are His own creation. This is just the latest example of the Left’s aggressive efforts to lure the unsuspecting into supporting immoral and unethical policies which are whitewashed with spiritual words and phrases. Invoking God in your efforts to devalue human life will not give you an automatic pass.

With increasing frequency, American citizens and others from around the globe are experiencing newfound freedom from disease, affliction, and infirmity. Individuals’ lives are forever changed with the strengthened faith and renewed hope that arise from healed bodies and physical restoration. These seemingly miraculous cures are the result of adult stem cell treatments. Yet the debates in the popular media tend to ignore and obscure the medical breakthroughs made by adult stem cell research–success that has conspicuously eluded embryonic stem cell treatments.

Second, is the state of New Hampshire, which must be taking its cues from Pelosi to set their anti-life agendas. Last week, New Hampshire became the first state to repeal its parental notification law, which required teenage girls to tell their parents before they have an abortion.

New Hampshire will become the first state to repeal a law requiring teenage girls to notify their parents before having an abortion, under a bill that won final passage in the State Senate on Thursday. Gov. John Lynch has said he would sign the measure. The vote in the Senate was 15 to 9. The House vote, in March, was 217 to 141.

Conservative leaders were frustrated by how easily the legislation passed in both the House and Senate.

State Senator Robert J. Letourneau, a Republican, said: “You can’t get your daughter or son’s ears pierced under the age of 17 without parental consent; you can’t get a tattoo without parental consent. To me it’s unconscionable that you can’t give an aspirin to a child in school without parental consent, but they can have major surgery without parental notification.”

Never mind killing a living being.

Last, House Democrats surprised everyone by voting to increase the amount of abstinence-education funding from the $137 million that President Bush requested to $141 million. Although the measure still faces debate in the full House, the growing support for the Community Based Abstinence Education (CBAE) program looks promising.

Pro-choice supporters and their allies were dismayed when the House Appropriations subcommittee on labor, health and human services, education and related agencies voted to increase funding for the Community Based Abstinence Education program (CBAE) by $27.8 million, to $141 million. CBAE funds groups that teach youth how to be sexually abstinent but not how to use birth control.

Unfortunately, the compromise over abstinence funding comes at a price. In exchange for boosting the CBAE funds, Democrats want tens of millions more in Title X “family planning services.” Last week, committee members voted to raise the Title X from $283 million to $311 million!

The same House panel voted to increase Title X family planning funding by $27.8 million, to $311 million, but family planning advocates said this still lags far behind historic levels of funding, when adjusted for inflation.

The National Abstinence Education Association (NAEA) released a new survey (pdf) on May 3, 2007, from Zogby International showing that when parents become aware of what abstinence education vs. comprehensive sex education actually teaches, support for abstinence programs jumps from 40% to 60%, while support for comprehensive programs drops from 50% to 30%.

According to a new report by one of the biggest recipients of those dollars, Planned Parenthood, the increased funds would almost certainly work hand in neoprene glove with the organization’s booming abortion services. The 2005-2006 Planned Parenthood Annual Report (pdf) shows that the organization performed a record 264,943 abortions in 2005 yet did not record a single adoption referral. With assets totaling more than $839 million, Planned Parenthood hardly needs a government handout.




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