Islam – What Every Christian Should Know

25 06 2007

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Last week on Friday night, I had the pleasure of meeting Bassam Chedid, author of “Islam-What Every Christian Should Know.” I picked up a copy of his book and found the material very informational and highly practical.


I asked him a few questions that were blog-worthy.

NB: What do you think is Osama bin Laden’s reason for doing what he did?

Chedid: He thinks that “feels” Allah and has a need to obey his conscience.

NB: Why do Islmofacists hate America?

Chedid: Because they don’t see Allah blessing Islamic nations like he has America. But I firmly believe that America has been blessed in the past because of its Christian founding and is currently blessed because of our sacrifice. America sends more missionaries to other countries than any other. When tradgedy strikes in the world, they turn to America and America writes a check. Even when mother nature hits America herself, [Katrina] Americans give to their own. Did you see millions pouring in from other countries during that time? No.

NB: What do Christians need to be doing in America to reach Muslims?

Chedid: Build relationships and do not try to convert them without a friendship. As Christians, we cannot be reluctant to share our faith. Usually, it takes a Muslim 12-15 times hearing the gospel to convert. But they will be trying to covert us at the same time. They see the west as Christian crusaders who want to convert or kill. That is how many Islamofacists see our actions in Iraq. If we will form a relationship first and then explain to them that our “leader” has commanded us to spread the good news of salvation.

NB: Why are many westerners reluctant to do so?

Chedid: Muslims are very aggressive in their faith. Look at how the university in Minnesota is bowing to pressure and providing a prayer area for Muslim students but ignoring similar requests from Jews and Christians.

Chedid also pointed out the well-known, Sayyid Qutb, who became the father of al-Qaeda and mentor to Osama bin Laden. But he also told me about a lesser-known man, Hassan al-Banna, who founded the Muslim Brotherhood in 1928. Though bin Laden would later disagree more with him, al-Banna was his first mentor and was instrumental in turning bin Laden on to the threat of the Christian west.

Chedid has an organization called Children of Abraham that serves as an outreach center to Muslims that immigrate to the U.S. Click on over and check out his organization’s website.




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