A Conservative-Free America

26 06 2007

Filed under: Fairness Doctrine, Liberalism, Feinstein, Talk radio

Diane Feinstein, the new Queen of Acceptable Media, has a problem with the left’s inability to compete in the marketplace of talk radio and is now calling for a dramatic increase in government regulation stomping of the First Amendment.

FEINSTEIN: Well, in my view, talk radio tends to be one-sided. It also tends to be dwelling in hyperbole. It’s explosive. It pushes people to, I think, extreme views without a lot of information.

WALLACE: So would you revive the fairness doctrine?

FEINSTEIN: Well, I’m looking at it, as a matter of fact, Chris, because I think there ought to be an opportunity to present the other side. And unfortunately, talk radio is overwhelmingly one way.

One-sided. If that is what the marketplace wants to hear, talk radio will deliver.

Hyperbole. Feinstein gives a pass to the fauxtography of the AP.

Extreme views. Only if you are so far left that you are out of touch with mainstream America.

Lacking information. Outright lie.

Opportunity to present the other side. It’s there now, always has been. In fact, Air America tried, but Americans wanted facts, not extremism. And don’t forget to factor in left-leaning NPR.

WALLACE: But the argument would be it’s the marketplace, and if liberals want to put on their own talk radio, they can put it on. At this point, they don’t seem to be able to find much of a market.

FEINSTEIN: Well, apparently, there have been problems. It is growing. But I do believe in fairness. I remember when there was a fairness doctrine, and I think there was much more serious correct reporting to people.

Problems? The problem is the entire underlying philosophy of liberalism. Most Americans don’t ascribe to it and don’t want to hear about it.

Rush made a good point today about the latest Rasmussen poll in regards to which party most Americans trust to handle various issues.

A Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that just 38% trust Republicans more on [The Iraq War].

Forty-six percent (46%) of voters trust the Democrats more on National Security while 44% prefer Republicans.

Among all American voters, Democrats have a seven-point edge on immigration, a nine-point edge on economic issues, and a fifteen point edge on issues of government ethics and corruption.

If talk radio is responsible for so much “unfairness,” why don’t the polls show it? Liberals love to look at “polls” as proof for their actions.

In reality they should be used more as one of several ways to support your actions. In other words, liberals over-emphasize poll results, but in this case, their demand for increased government regulation is completely unwarranted, as the polls should show.

Does this mean that liberals put their faith in polls only when their cause can benefit? This would be typical and possible. But more likely this is another example of liberalism’s double-mindedness. Liberals are constantly tripping over moral issues turned political and vice versa. Let them talk long enough about any number of these issues and they will invalidate their own argument. For example, Obama’s claim that the Christian Right has “hijacked faith.”

In this case, the Fairness Doctrine presents an opportunity for them to increase control on the opposition, stifle capitalism, which they hate as much as conservatism, and strip conservatives of any advantage they have in the marketplace.

In essence, the dream world of any true liberal is a conservative-free America. Where values and morals are regulated by the individual, not a Higher power. Where competition is limited to whom government decides can play. And history swept under the rug as the great Progress Train steams over the greatness of our past.




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