Homosexuals Target Children Promotion at Ball Park

2 07 2007

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A homosexual organization dupped the San Diego Padres into recognition of their group on the same day that a children’s promotion was planned at the ball game.

Not even an afternoon at a baseball game apparently is going to be safe for parents who want to protect their children from advocates for homosexuality, with the San Diego Padres’ confirmation their July 8 game will simultaneously offer free caps to attract children, and a formal recognition of the area’s homosexual organization.

“San Diego Pride supporters and volunteers will be recognized for organizing the group event with a scoreboard welcome and the Gay Men’s Chorus of San Diego will sing the National Anthem,” the Major League Baseball team has announced on its website.

Team spokesman Tim Haskins told WND that the team really didn’t do anything – it was just a block purchase of tickets by a customer, in this case a “gay” organization, like any other bulk purchase.

And he said the fact that such an event coincides with a children’s promotion offered by the team was a choice by the homosexual organization, since it’s been the team’s tradition to have children’s events on Sundays.

“This is not an endorsement or partnership,” he told WND.

But the team’s website promotes the “Pride” game, offering tickets at a “discounted price” for those who punch in a code.

At the same time, the team is offering prizes for any children who come. “All kids 14 or younger will receive a Padres Floppy Cap presented by Union Bank of California and brought to you by Magic 92.5. This year’s floppy cap for kids features silhouettes of the Swinging Friar,” the website said.

James Hartline, who publishes the The James Hartline Report and addresses issues involving homosexuality, said his objections to the promotions will take shape in a protest at the game, where he’s expecting several hundred fans to participate.

He’s also confirmed that a team of concessions workers plans to walk off their jobs then, even though it will cost them hundreds of dollars in income, to protest the team’s plans. Hartline reported that Set Free Ministries partners with the Canning Hunger Organization to contract with ARAMARK to provide labor for concession stands at Petco Park, home of the Padres. Nearby five dozen workers from that company and another one have announced plans to walk off the job on July 8 in protest of the “gay” event. Ministries development director J.D. Loveland said he and his workers were angry and frustrated that the “radical homosexual event” was being held on the same day the team already had planned a children’s giveaway.

“We asked our men and women if they would be willing to bring their kids to Petco Park if they knew that their kids would be exposed to the San Diego Gay Pride event. Every single one of our clients said they would not. The vote was unanimous to walk off of the job on July 8th rather than be a part of the gay pride event at the stadium,” explained Loveland.

But there is a cost. Officials said 90 percent of all income that comes into Set Free Ministries, which reaches out to those overcoming drug abuse, prostitution and other problems, comes from the concession stand contracts.

“The ministry will lose $1,860 when it walks off of the job on July 8th,” Hartline reported. “Additionally, the ministry could be fined a total of $4,000…

“We intend to stand up against the gay agenda on July 8th,” Loveland told Hartline. “I can only hope that our combined efforts will motivate other professing Christians to get out of their pews (comfort zone) and break out of those mysterious boxes called churches.”

Hartline said it appears dozens of other major Christian ministries may be joining the effort. He’ll know more at a rally he’s planning in front of the park on game day.

He said besides Set Free Ministries, a group called The Training Center, C.R.A.V.E. (Christians Reviving America’s Values), and America Asleep Know More are committed to helping.

“We may be all the way out in Kentucky, but we are proudly standing with you all in San Diego to make sure that all of our kids are protected and America is a better place for them,” said Don Swarthout, president of C.R.A.V.E.

Longtime Padres supporters also have expressed their displeasure.

“This is a very slippery slope, and I hope you and (team owner) Mr. Moores will reconsider your position,” wrote Mike Farmer, who’s been supporting the team for years. “If you two want to hold hands and ride in the gay pride parade, go right ahead. But please don’t bring this filth into a stadium that I helped pay for and in front of a team that I have spent thousands of dollars supporting over the years. I would sure like to know how some of the players with moral convictions feel about this travesty…”

Hartline has had considerable experience dealing with San Diego “Gay” Pride events. He reported in 2005, it was learned the group had hired sex offenders to work with various events, including a registered pedophile who was working in the event’s “Children’s Garden.”

Then in 2006, numerous small children were marched in the parade under the banner of a local charter school.

Send an email to the Padres and voice your dissatisfaction with this decision and a request to move “Pride Day” to another day.




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