AU Raining Separation Dogma

4 07 2007

Filed under: Riley, Alabama, Church and State, First Amendment, AU

Americans United has a problem with Alabamians praying for rain . . . during a state-wide drought that has taken a toll on tourism, ruined crops, and forced watering restrictions for citizens.

Alabama Gov. Bob Riley has an idea: He’s asked the state’s citizens to pray for rain. According to the Birmingham News, Riley issued a proclamation last week calling for an entire week of prayer. It began on Saturday.

None of this means the governor has the right to usurp the job of the state’s religious leaders. Alabamians are known for their piety. (This is the state, after all, that elected “Ten Commandments” Judge Roy Moore to the state supreme court.) Undoubtedly, state residents are capable of looking outside, seeing that rain is needed and, if so moved, praying for it. Their religious leaders are capable of advising them to pray for it as well. There is no need for Riley to elevate himself to Alabama’s Official Pastor.

Alabama is state of desparation. Much harm has already been done before the proclamation was issued. This is similar, only on a smaller scale, to saying Bush violated the establishment clause when he urged Americans to pray after the losses of 9/11. But it wasn’t politically correct for AU to criticize that “violation.” But, in Alabama’s current predicament which is far less significant on AU’s “Politically Correct Ranking System,” this is a perfectly acceptable violation to expose.

Just this week, we saw AU’s silence on a San Diego school’s establishment of Islam as the official school religion. How can we blame them for missing that? They’re too busy criticizing Alabama for praying.




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