The Call Nashville 07-07-07

6 07 2007

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I am very proud to announce that my two younger brothers will be attending The Call Nashville this weekend, led by Lou Engel. What exactly is The Call?

TheCall Nashville is a response to the summons in Joel 2:15-18, “Declare a holy fast… Call a sacred assembly… bring together the elders, gather the children.”

The Church and the nation are in a crisis! In no uncertain terms, the elections of 2006 showed us that there is no clear moral foundation upon which the nation votes. In this present historic moment, the Church was paralyzed. Tens-of-thousands stayed home and could not vote as if they were drunk with disillusionment.

One of our young women in the Justice House of Prayer in Washington, D.C., had a dream on November 4, 2006, the Sunday before the elections: “I was at the house on the farm and made a kind of agreement with a man who was the head of the GOP. In my dream, this GOP man broke the agreement. I went and confronted him, and he got in my face and started yelling at me. He then backed up and I pointed at him and said, “Our God is neither Republican nor Democrat, He will only honor those who are morally righteous and just.” He left, slamming the door.

God has a word to say to the Republican Party: “Line up with moral issues–Marriage Amendment and Abortion–and show compassion to the poor and the oppressed–show Justice–or I will remove your lamp stand”. He is sifting the Republican Party for its refusal to stand for moral principle and for playing political games with its constituents, who in 2004, voted on moral issues.

This is precisely what happened to the Whig party in the United States. The issue of slavery divided the party and its anti-slavery constituents formed the anti-slavery Republican Party out of which Abraham Lincoln was elected. The Whig party was no more! If the Churches vote radically PRO-life, then any political party, REPUBLICAN OR DEMOCRAT–could be no more.

TheCallNashville will focus on prioritizing morality in public and government. Specifically, on the issue front, abortion and homosexuality will be prayed over. TheCall will also urge government officials to exercise morality in their positions of power.

Abortion and homosexuality are two moral issues that will require a change of heart in the people in order to change. That is the main focus of the fasting and prayer for TheCall. Politicians are divided in both parties over the issues, though each side has majorities. This division has caused a near stand-still on “un-legislating” the abortion issue and slowed down the FMA.

Legislating morality is not the full answer. The people must have a change of heart. It makes sense that a moral issue cannot be resolved politically. Since these are moral issues turned political by liberals, it must be uprooted from whence it came, which is selfishness and perversion.




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