University Disses Christian Group

10 07 2007

Filed under: Beta Upsilon Chi, University Florida, Humanism, Christianity

Alliance Defense Fund and other groups filed suit in federal court Tuesday against the University of Florida on behalf of a Christian fraternity, Beta Upsilon Chi, because the group limits membership to its club to Christian men only.

University officials have told Beta Upsilon Chi that it cannot be registered as an on-campus student group because only men are allowed to join, which amounts to
sex discrimination, according to the lawsuit filed in U.S. District Court in Gainesville. And Beta Upsilon Chi is not allowed to join the off-campus Greek system of fraternities and sororities because the fraternity requires its members to be Christians, the suit said.

The organization that governs the university’s Greek system prohibits religious discrimination. As a Christian fraternity, Beta Upsilon Chi is locked out of the UF campus, the lawsuit said. The only way UF will recognize the fraternity is if it chooses to give up its identity as a men’s organization or if it abandons its religious criteria for members.

Focus on the Family Action responds:

“Christian student groups cannot be singled out for discrimination. The right to associate with people of like mind and interest applies to all student groups on a public university campus,” Timothy J. Tracey, litigation counsel for CLS’s Center for Law & Religious Freedom, said in a statement.

The university claims that the group’s requirement that members be Christian men is “discrimination.”

Bruce Hausknecht, judicial analyst for Focus on the Family Action, said: “The national pattern of intentional discrimination against Christian groups by state universities is a First Amendment disgrace.”

Christians desiring to associate with fellow believers on campus for the express purpose of helping men be better men is not discrimination. If they were to welcome other beliefs, they would not be able to achieve their goal. Universities’ attack on Christians knows no end when believers are prevented from associating with one another.

While some will argue that UF is not preventing the men from sharing each other’s company, they are preventing them from growth, recruiting, and the Greek system, which would provide student and school funds. If UF were looking out for their students’ best interests, they would be looking for ways to accomdate such groups instead of more methods to dillute Christianity.




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