Human Rights Group Now Supports Baby-Killing

17 07 2007

Filed under: Abortion, Amnesty International, Humanism, Liberalism

Amnesty International, a self-proclaimed “human rights” group, continues its downward spiral into the evil abyss of secular humanism by changing its stance on abortion from one of neutrality to support for baby-killing.

Amnesty International’s most egregious recent offense almost went unreported–and the organization wanted to keep it that way. Hidden on the members-only section of its website was the announcement of a new policy that condemns as a human-rights violator any country that does not allow broad access to abortion or punishes abortion providers.

“This policy will not be made public at this time,” the website instructed its visitors. “There is to be no proactive external publication of the policy position or of the fact of its adoption issued.” Amnesty International officials had good reason to want to keep this new policy quiet: It undermines their voice as global human-rights advocates, and they know it.

Yet another example of the left’s hypocrisy.

Perhaps that’s why Amnesty International had preemptive talking points posted on the site too. The news was to be kept secret–but if the story got out anyway, members were to respond immediately: “Some media reports and individuals have claimed that AI promotes a ‘human right to abortion.’ This grossly misrepresents AI’s policy on sexual and reproductive rights. AI takes no position on whether abortion is right or wrong, nor on whether or not abortion should be legal.”

Of course, that’s not true. The new policy calls on governments to “ensure access to abortion services to any woman who becomes pregnant as the result of rape, sexual assault, or incest, or where a pregnancy poses a risk to a woman’s life or a grave risk to her health.” As the judicial history of abortion in the United States proves, the “health exemption” is an open invitation to unlimited abortion.

To add insult to injury, Amnesty International thinks the public is stupid enough to buy its spin. Consider its repeated claim to take “no position as to when life begins.” Of course, to demand that every country in the world allow abortion is to take a position: A human being’s life does not begin–at least not in a way in which Amnesty International will permit any government on the planet to protect it–until after birth.

Pro-life groups, including Democrats for Life, are urging AI to reconsider.

Kristen Day, executive director of Democrats for Life, said support for such a contentious issue is disrespectful to AI’s constituents.

“I just think that’s a great disservice to those who want to support Amnesty International and the good work they are doing,” she told Family News in Focus. “The Catholic Bishops have come out and opposed this new idea that they have to include abortion.”

The Catholic Church has said it will suspend financial support to AI. Molly White, founder of Women for Life International, said AI should extend the right to life to everyone.

“No matter what their justification,” she said, “abortion kills children and it hurts women.”

In a statement, AI maintained it does not “promote abortion as a universal right and Amnesty International remains silent on the rights and wrongs of abortion.”

White took issue with that.

“They can’t say they are not for abortion, but then they are demanding for abortion to be legal and for women to have the right to have an abortion,” she said. “If women are being hurt in wartime because of rape and those kinds of things, then we need to do more to prevent rape and incest.”

Amnesty International must think people will believe their spin that they were neutral on abortion before they supported it, but their support isn’t really support because they said they’re still neutral. Are they out to top John Kerry?




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