Barack and a Hard Place

1 08 2007

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UPDATED – 8/2: Pastors join in opposition of liberal senator…Scroll for updates.

The biased, pro-Democrat media have for the last two years increasingly churned out a diet accentuating the religious faith of Democratic presidential candidates for 2008. But the media can only report when faith is discussed. What happens when Democrats are among their base?

Are the Democratic presidential front-runners extending their party’s appeal to religious voters outside the four walls of the social gospel? And when they are alone with their base, are issues of faith addressed?

At the Washington, D.C., Ritz-Carlton on July 17, the answer to both questions was no.

Entering to spirited applause and backed by huge video monitors, Obama quickly hit his stride, expounding on the gospel of choice. “We know that five men don’t know better than women or their doctors what’s best for women’s health,” he said, referring to the recent high-court decision upholding the federal ban on partial-birth abortion. “On this fundamental issue, I will not yield and Planned Parenthood will not yield!”

Obama’s intentional ignorance of scripture (babies in the womb are people) in exchange for an erroneous focus on the Democrat-created political issue (“womens” rights) is proof that he is all bark with no bite.

Planned Parenthood’s dinnertime speaker, Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-N.Y.), has long championed what she calls “teenage celibacy” and since 2004 has publicly recognized the influence of religion in promoting abstinence. In January 2005, following the Democrats’ electoral drubbing at the hands of “values voters,” Clinton raised liberal eyebrows by calling abortion a “tragic choice” in a speech that coincided with the anniversary of Roe v. Wade.

But while speaking at the Ritz, Clinton accused pro-lifers of waging “a war on choice” and pledged in her “very first days in office” to reverse “these ideological, anti-science, anti-prevention policies that this administration has put in place.”

The “anti-science” policy is, of course, abstinence, and the ideology in question is evangelical Christianity.

More fake faith from a political gamer.

He (Herb Lusk, pastor of Greater Exodus Baptist Church in Philadelphia) noted the hate crimes bill now under consideration in the Senate. The Matthew Shepard Local Law Enforcement Hate Crimes Prevention Act would expand existing federal hate crimes law to include classes such as sexual orientation, gender, and gender identity. Opponents of the bill say it would be another step toward curtailing the free-speech rights of Christians who believe homosexuality is immoral.

“If you want to reach out to the church, you don’t do that by muzzling the chance to preach the Bible as it is written,” Lusk said.

Such approaches highlight the wide gap between the way Democrats and Republicans typically apply religious belief to public policy. “The way we have seen Democrats try to apply religious values to the big public policy questions is destructive of human dignity,” said Joe Loconte, a senior fellow at the Ethics and Public Policy Center.

Liberals can’t be honest about where they stand on any issue. They have to turn moral issues into political ones in order to win votes.

Thus far, Democrats’ faith-talk leading into the 2008 campaign has not seemed to produce many “swing evangelicals,” an elusive voter demographic that electoral scholars insist is waiting in the wings. In November 2006, Democrats swept both houses of Congress. But exit polls showed that Democratic gains were concentrated among non-Christian and secular voters, with only slight gains among weekly church attenders, including white evangelical Protestants (3 percent), white mainline Protestants (2 percent), black Protestants (4 percent), and white Catholics (6 percent).

“Some people seem very eager to find this vital swing vote in the evangelical community,” Loconte said. “But Democrats have been talking about faith since at least 2000. If the swing evangelical is out there, the question is, when are they going to start swinging?”

Until Democrats’ actions back up their faith that they claim they have, they won’t gain a significant enough portion of the evangelical vote to win elections.

The Democrat front-runners would love nothing more than to simply talk the talk and sway evangelicals from the Republican party. Faith is more than talking the talk. It is faith backed by action. Anyone can claim they are a person of faith. But Christians understand what the fruit of a believer is intended to look like and for now, Barack and Hillary are simply blowing smoke.

UPDATED – 8/2: Pastors join forces in opposition of liberal congressman:

In Tennessee, Rep. Steve Cohen (D) is finding out the hard way that pastors aren’t buying the liberal line on H.R. 1592, the federal “hate crimes” bill. A growing number of ministers are sensing that the wave of support for applying “hate crimes” to sexual orientation spells trouble for religious leaders and their ability to speak freely from the pulpit. Together with a powerful alliance of black and white pastors, congregations have ignited a firestorm across the Volunteer State that has resulted in a massive letter-writing and phone campaign. Cohen said his office fielded about 400 calls on the issue after local Memphis churches distributed thousands of fliers about where the bill could lead. Yesterday, the congressman proved the churches’ effectiveness by unleashing his anger on the House floor, accusing “right-wing, evangelical” groups of “misleading pastors.”

Unfortunately for liberals and their political games, these pastors, and most Americans, can see through this legislation to what its true goal is – the silencing of opposition to moral issues that Democrats have twisted into political issues, namely homosexuality.




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