Church and State Hater Concedes Defeat

8 08 2007

Filed under: Atheism, Christianity, Blogging

A frustrated atheist, who is a frequent commenter here, has conceded “blogospheric” defeat.

So, im out. Thats it. The idiots win – I have been beaten by sheer force of numbers. Im certinly out of Church and State and Let Freedom Reign – two of the most stubborn, usless, annoying, self-rightous, hateful people on the internet and their associated groups of fans.

Then she ends with this gem:

I shall stay at FRC blog, as its an easy target – the FRC sensibly avoids trying to defend its constant lies, as any attempts to do so would certinly prove embarassing.

I assume she knows that FRC’s blog links to Church and State as well as many other like-minded Christian bloggers. FRC’s blog is headed up by blogging guru, Joe Carter, who will likely continue to frustrate atheists and liberals.

At times, I feel the same frustration she does, but I can’t completely give up. Other commitments may result in fewer posts in a given week or less comment participation, but I won’t give up. People and future generations are at stake.

Unfortunately for her, she chose to reject Christ. Also unfortunate, she interpreted competition for hate. Many atheists are not accustomed to encountering logical debate. Typically, they argue with borrowed worldviews and when they are called on it, frustration is the natural result.




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