Participate in Gay Parade or Face Discipline!

9 08 2007

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UPDATED: 8/10 – San Diego Fire Dept makes new policy…Scroll for updates.

Four San Diego firemen are suing the city of San Diego after being forced to participate in the city’s Gay Pride parade last month. Their alternatives were bleak at best.

The four men allege they were ordered by a battalion chief to attend last month’s parade and feared consequences for failure to do so, since refusing to follow a direct order constitutes disciplinary action. If the men refused to follow the direct order, they could have been suspended on the spot and stripped of any chance for a promotion, according to their manual, Ghiotto said. It was Ghiotto’s first direct order.

Ghiotto, engineer Jason Hewitt and firefighters Chad Allison and Alex Kane filed the complaint, which includes detailed descriptions of their allegations.

The four endured a high level of graphic sexual harassment.

Over the course of three hours, they heard statements such as, “show me your hose,” “you can put out my fire,” “you’re making me hot,” “give me mouth-to-mouth,” “you look hungry, why don’t you have a twinkie (from a man wearing a “Girth and Mirth” t-shirt),” and “blow my hose.”

When they refused to respond to the crowd, some in the crowd turned hostile and started shouting, “F— you firemen” and others began “flipping them off.”

The gay blogs are glad and seem to think these men got a taste of their own medicine.

So, they had to endure men complimenting them for their looks, as well as experience first-hand the religious bigotry gay people must endure every day.

Poor things.

I wonder how many times these four were guilty of gay-bashing to deserve this. Even some of the commenters at the above gay blog, recognize that those were not “compliments,” and feel the firemen should not have been forced.

As for the bigotry point, a major difference ignored by homosexuals and the media, is that gays choose their own sexual lifestyle. The firemen did not choose to be there. They formally protested to their superiors about not going.

Fire Chief Tracy Jarman, an open lesbian, has apologized to the firemen, but one wonders about her poor decision-making in this circumstance. Surely, she knew how controversial the parade was and how demeaning it was to force four dedicated firemen, fathers, and family men to participate in a pagen event. The firemen are now being represented by the Thomas More Law Center:

San Diego area attorney, Charles LiMandri, the West Coast director of the Thomas More Law Center, insists the city should have known from past experience “the kind of offensive activities that go on at this event.”

LiMandri said the firefighters also were targets of sexual gestures, including exposure of genitals, blowing kisses, grabbing of the crotch, rubbing of nipples, tongue gestures and men hugging and kissing one another passionately – many wearing make-up and dressed like women.

Richard Thompson, president and chief counsel of the Thomas More Law Center argued the constitutional right to free speech also protects the right not to speak.

“These men should not have to explain to their families, friends and church congregations that their presence at a celebration of lewdness and obscenity in support of the homosexual agenda was because they were forced there by way of a direct order,” he said. “This is a clear violation of their constitutional rights, and the city must be held accountable. It should never happen again to any city employee.”

Jarman, the city fire chief, insisted when she was appointed that her homosexuality had never been an issue at the department.

But Thompson maintained the firefighters’ ordeal was “another example of how radical homosexual activists in positions of authority force their agenda on unwilling citizens.”

I do wonder sometimes about these events. A gay parade…with men dressed up as women. Why not just invite some women?

UPDATED: 8/10 – San Diego Fire Dept installs a new, half-hearted policy that took effect yesterday and relies on volunteers, but does not rule out forcing anyone into participation.

Under a policy revision worked out between Fire Chief Tracy Jarman and San Diego Firefighters Local 145 over the past two days, an unpaid volunteer engineer would first be sought to drive the truck. That failing, a volunteer would be paid four hours’ overtime.

Their lawyer, Charles LiMandri, west coast director of the Thomas More Law Center, said yesterday that the wording of the new policy may not go far enough.
“It’s a step in the right direction,” LiMandri said, “but it doesn’t say clearly that no one will be ordered to participate. I’m not persuaded that it solves the problem.”

Fire department spokesman Maurice Luque said it was unrealistic to worry about a lack of volunteers.

Maybe so, but I can’t blame LiMandri for being a bit skeptical. Especially since we’ve just seen Jarman’s claims about her homosexuality being a non-issue proven false.




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