Church Group Sues NJ Over Religious Liberties

14 08 2007

Filed under:New Jersey, Christianity, ADF, Liberalism, Church and State

Remember what the original intent of the First Amendment was? Besides, preventing the federal government from establishing a national “mode of worship,” it was also to keep the government from meddling in church affairs. New Jersey has a good chance of finding itself on the losing end of a lawsuit for trying to regulate the actions of church in that state.

A Christian group filed a federal lawsuit against New Jersey officials on Saturday after the state began investigating the group’s religious practices.

The New Jersey Division on Civil Rights has threatened to prosecute The Ocean Grove Camp Meeting Association of the United Methodist Church for refusing to allow a same-sex civil-union ceremony at one of its worship facilities.

“The government can’t force a private Christian organization to use its property in a way that would violate its own religious beliefs,” said Brian Raum, senior legal counsel for the Alliance Defense Fund, which is representing the Camp Meeting Association. “This action by the state of New Jersey is a gross violation of the First Amendment.”

The argument liberals will make here is that the “civil rights” of homosexuals supersede any First Amendment rights, especially when a conservative, Christian group is violating those perceived “civil rights.”

Liberals fail to recognize that homosexual “rights” are not a civil rights issue. It’s a moral issue and must be treated as such. The church group made the correct call in it’s judgment to not allow a homosexual ceremony in its facility. It’s absurd to think the state of New Jersey would threaten to prosecute a Christian group for refusing to back down on their religious beliefs.

One thing is for certain: If this homosexual ceremony was refused by a Muslim mosque, the state of New Jersey would be running away in the other direction.




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