Not "Invisible" to Hillary

16 08 2007

Filed under: Hillary, Invisible, Bush, Liberalism, Conservatism

Children. Single mothers. Even our soldiers, alleges Hillary Clinton, are “invisible” to President Bush.

h/t: Ian

Laughable. First it was “Bush lied, kids died.” Now it’s Bush “Sent ’em and forgot ’em.” Which is it? It can’t be both. Also, notice that when she is talking about soldiers in Iraq being invisible, the video shows several men dressed as civilians who appear to be WWII vets. We all know what would have happened if she tried putting a uniformed soldier in the video.

This soldier is displaying the “coerced” signal learned from military training.

And to think she spent hard-earned money on this ad. How pathetic.

I suppose she will argue that those same people weren’t invisible to Bill when he was with Monica. Democrats must be super human. Cheat, lie, and steal from Americans all while keeping us all in perfect focus. Ha!




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