This Could Happen in America if S.1105 Becomes Law

16 08 2007

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Don’t think S.1105, the new “hate crimes” bill is about nothing more than pushing the homosexual agenda on us? Think again. This is what could happen in America if the bill becomes law:

Harry Reid, in discussing the bill, says there should be “special legislation” if any group of people is being attacked.

Ashley Horne, federal policy analyst at Focus on the Family Action, dissects and exposes the main arguments used by pro-homosexuals and Democrats that seek to force these “special laws” on the rest of the country. Additionally, Ms. Horne shows how adding sexual orientation to hate crimes only hurts homosexuals, not helps them.

1.) Congressional Democrats have introduced several bills that promote homosexuality — and that could ultimately be used against Christians who speak out on the issues. What are some of the bills that concern you?

Now that Democrats have a majority in Congress, many of them are eager to cater to the homosexual agenda, as evidenced by the slew of bills aiming to grant special status to homosexuals. As we speak, the House has already passed one to add sexual orientation to the categories covered by “hate-crimes” laws. But there are several others coming, too. The Employment Nondiscrimination Act (ENDA) would add homosexuals to the list of protected classes under the federal employment laws. There is also a bill to grant special tax deductions to homosexual partners; there’s one to get rid of the military’s “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy; there’s another to sanction/support a national “day of silence” to bring awareness to harassment and discrimination against homosexuals. There’s even a bill (called the Uniting American Families Act) to allow homosexuals to sponsor their partners for immigration.

There are problems with each of these individually, but the whole collection raises concerns about free speech. The more elevated the status for homosexuals as a group, the less protection for Christians who speak out against their practices.

2.) Backers of “hate-crimes” laws claim they’re not targeting speech or trying to promote homosexuality. How are these claims misleading?

Whatever they may say, this bill is a Trojan horse. It’s obvious that the real goal is to promote homosexuality because the House Judiciary Committee rejected amendments to include other vulnerable classes of persons — including the homeless, children and the aged.

Homosexuals need a historical record of statutory protection in order to convince courts to apply higher levels of scrutiny against state laws that “discriminate” against them. These types of laws lay the foundation for their argument — and we know from experience there are a lot of activist judges who will take that tool and use it.

We also know what has happened in other countries that have passed “hate-crimes” laws. Experience in places like Canada, Sweden and the United Kingdom has shown that where these laws are passed, prosecutions for speech typically follow. In these three countries, “hate-crimes” laws have been used to prosecute Christians expressing their disapproval of homosexual behavior.

Go watch the first video again. We need to keep this at the forefront of our minds.

3.) Hate-crimes laws can be hard to stop politically because the name sounds so laudable: Everyone wants to stop crimes. But do these laws have anything to do with that goal?

No. All violent crimes could be called hate crimes, but there’s no reason to single out any groups by name. Just the opposite: All crime victims deserve equal justice, and picking out special groups creates second-class victims.

The truth is, crimes of violence against homosexuals on a national scale are few in number and decreasing. There is no “crisis” here other than the fact that the agenda to promote homosexuality is being resisted by people like us.

Exactly what I’ve said before. All violent crimes are hate crimes. But if crimes against homosexuals are decreasing, why is there such an urgency in liberals to “legislate” this morality?

As usual, liberals have to turn moral issues into political ones in order to gain acceptance by citizens. They force it on us via laws. When liberals encounter moral resistance to their newly-crowned political issue, they create “special legislation” and hide it under politically correct terms such as “hate crimes.”

Unfortunately for liberals, homosexuality is and always will be a moral issue. It must be dealt with morally. This means, for Christians, love the sinner and hate the sin. Reach out to homosexuals. I have several that are good friends. We disagree ardently, but we are friends. I implore Christians to continue that approach and not provide liberals any extra proof that hate crimes are necessary.




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