Is Faith under Attack?

27 08 2007

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This is great and always makes for great fun. In the spirit of CNN’s God’s Warriors, CNN asked readers on their thoughts about faith and it’s relationship to the state. I’ve selected four of my favorite responses and exposed their contortion. Do note that while I have not offered an exhaustive response to these thoughts, I have conveyed a rudimentary look at the Christian worldview’s insight to them and provided a framework of how their arguments are distortions of the truth.

1.) Michael Rosenberg of New Rochelle, New York

I have faith that one day there will be a world where children are not told untruths. I have faith that one day the majority of people will realize you cannot talk people out of believing improvable and unreasonable things, when you approach them armed with your own improvable and unreasonable beliefs.

I have faith that one day people will realize that, just because religion MAY be a force for good, that it says nothing about whether there is any truth behind it. I have faith that one day the human race will not have faith in things for which there is no scientific evidence.

I have faith that one day the majority of people will realize that morality can and does exist, independent of religion.

This one’s loaded with a typical Sam Harris-like atheism that has borrowed so much from the Bible it has over due fees. Truth is nothing more than one’s conforming to reality. Truth has reference not to our subjective imagination but to that which really exists external to ourselves. Scientific evidence does not disqualify God. The thumbnail version says that religion begins its scientific discussion with the presupposition that God created everything. Evolutionists begin with the presupposition that matter came to be over time and there is no creator. Morality is based in religion. It’s been that way for as long as recorded history – even in the most primitive societies, morals and laws were based on the recognition of some higher authority. This is not all that surprising since all humans are created in the image of God. It’s ingrained in our soul and it cannot be denied. Without religion, who is to say what is moral and what is not?

2.) Monica Jones of Wilmington, Delaware

I am one of the millions of individuals who do not practice any religion. I am a proud non-believer and am far more concerned with religion’s encroachment in political matters than its absence.

Religion needs to be under attack. It is long overdue. Those who profess to have the absolute understanding of the will of a divine being need to be willing and able to defend their assertions in a public forum. Until those proofs are offered, religion needs to be relegated to the realm of mythology where it belongs.

Religion was a significant part of our Founders’ lives. They couldn’t simply ignore their faith when they crafted the same document that we currently live under. While their creation makes provisions for those choosing to live faith-free, the vast majority of Americans prefer to have some kind of faith. Religion, nor atheism, need be defended in any public forum, in order to garner credibility. Both are welcome in this country but, since atheism was not the choice of the Founders, they will have to live under religious-based laws until the new “Atheist Constitution” is ratified.

3.) Bruce Currie of Patterson, New York

I believe that purely natural elements created and shaped this planet and the life that exists on it. And that, a long time ago, humans created the notion of a higher power to help explain the unknown. Creating this higher power sort of established an equilibrium in our minds regarding our existence. Unfortunately, this higher power is not truly verifiable and the beliefs surrounding it create strong emotion and volatility.

The belief that natural elements created matter requires the same faith creationists have that
God created the earth. Unfortunately, since no one was around, this neither truth-claim is truly verifiable. It was only a short time ago that humans fabricated this faith that the elements evolved without a creator. While a belief’s life span is not as relevant, it does stand to reason that if life evolved, creator-free, someone would have developed this theory and taught long ago. Instead, we see primitive societies worshiping various Higher Beings and of course, we have a recording of the actual creation in the Bible. Typically, this is dismissed by evolutionists as religion, not science. This is undeniably false – since God created the earth, He was involved in science. He does not require evidence. Only faith. But He is man enough to allow His creation to not choose Him. And He was smart enough to leave no “evidence” for evolution for these wanderers who instead must be as ardent believers in evolution as Christians are in the Creator.

4.) Susan Nguyen of Saratoga, California

As followers of Christ, Christians should nurture His attitude of worldly versus worldly politics. He stated “My kingdom is not of this world” and yet taught His followers to pray “Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.” He never espoused violence or political activism to achieve this. In fact, He permitted Himself to be captured and executed.

There is a power greater than politics that will usher in the Kingdom of the God of Love, and that is Love Itself, in His way and in His time.

These are always fun. Usually proffered by a postmodern and/or left-leaning Christian. When Jesus said, “My kingdom is not of this world,” (Jn. 18:36) the word, “of” He used in the Greek is ek, meaning “out of.” This means that His kingdom does not derive it’s authority and power from the world. Jesus did not involve Himself politically because the society at the time was not one that offered such opportunities. But He did say in Matt 5:13, “You are the salt of the earth. But if the salt loses its saltiness, how can it be made salty again? It is no longer good for anything, except to be thrown out and trampled by men.” Salt needs to be worked into meat to function, but it cannot allow itself to be penetrated by any foreign substance or it will be rendered ineffective. In the same way, Christians are to embed themselves into this earth’s societies and agitate, as salt does, while not becoming infiltrated by unsalty truth claims.




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