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30 08 2007

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I am announcing that Fred Thompson announced the day he will announce his candidacy for President. The only candidate who was not in the race, is now running. Sept. 6 is the day that he will make it official which will allow him to attend debates and increase fund-raising.

Republican Fred Thompson, whose entry into the presidential race has been long anticipated, will officially launch his candidacy Sept. 6 in a webcast on his campaign site, followed by a five-day tour of early primary states, the Associated Press has learned.

A tour of Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina will quickly follow the Internet announcement, with stops in Florida as well, and a homecoming event in Lawrenceburg, Tenn. on Sept. 15.

Thompson brings to the eight-man GOP field a right-leaning Senate voting record with a few digressions from GOP orthodoxy and a healthy dose of Hollywood star power. He is hoping to attract conservatives who are lukewarm about the current crop of candidates.

Earlier this year, Thompson watched his popularity soar in polls when he acknowledged he was considering a run. Since then, he’s consistently ranked among the top Republicans in national polls and surveys in key states alike.

Thompson has taken his time for seemingly unknown reasons. But we forget that a September declaration would typically be considered early. Hillary, Rudy, and McCain have known they were running since 2004. Thompson took months to achieve what they had years to complete. Many Americans don’t know whose running for President yet. It doesn’t matter how early you declare. Some people simply won’t pay attention until they’re ready to check you out.

Which leads me to this point: Will blogs and grassroots efforts increase publicity of the leading candidates more so than in 2004? Grassroots have always played a role in helping getting the vote out for candidates. But blogs were just coming into their own in 2004. Now, a quick four years later, there are far more bloggers and readers of blogs. And other media outlets read and refer to blogs as well. I think both will play a bigger role than in previous elections, but to what extent I have no way of knowing.

Captain Ed notched an interview:

“Not surprisingy, the Senator got asked a couple of questions at the Minnesota State Fair press conference just prior to my interview. He gave a pretty extensive answer to it, which can be found in the full transcript at Heading Right. He talked of his long period of exploration and what it meant — and what it didn’t mean:”

We’ve been working hard for a long time. We’ve been doing in a few months what others have taken years to do in some cases. You have to build an organization and a financial network and all that, and it’s best to go ahead and do it and not worry about the Beltway Pundits and all those people making money off the political scheme nowadays and the rules that they make up. Traditionally, you know, people announce in September, October, November and even later historically. They all changed the rules this time.

“One reporter suggested that the delay allowed Thompson to get a free ride, a suggestion at which Thompson scoffed:”

Well, the question is that I’ve gotten a free ride and nobody has criticized me but that might change if I announced. Have you not been reading the papers and listening to the news? They’re firing everything at me but Gatling guns and have been for months and it doesn’t seem to hurt me much but, you know, they may ratchet it up once I’m out, I don’t know but there’s been criticism of me and stories put out about my family and wife and all that for a long, long time now as if to discourage me and frankly it makes us more resolute.

Hot Air has lots of blogger reactions.

Verrry curious that he’d wait until the day after the Fox debate to which Chris Wallace claimed he’d RSVP’d. I guess he wants a few weeks to get his name out lest he show up onstage and have most of the public scratching their heads wondering who he is. It would have made for one hell of an entrance, though. Odd that an actor wouldn’t seize the opportunity for drama. Exit question: Prudence? Or is he worried that he’d be rusty?

Jay Stephenson:

Has this whole thing gotten to the point of being anti-climatic? I believe so. I also see a lot of common sense in the fuss and buzz about whether he waited too long or not. I also think I’m seeing what I saw a lot of with Bush…underestimating. People really need to chill out. This election cycle is just beggining. There is a long way to go and I’m sure Fred will have a few things up his sleeve. Has his candidacy been overblown with messianic hopes of Reagan reincarnated? You bet! Are the critics underestimating Fred? You can bet on that too.

Bet on it.




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