G.I. Joe Evolves to "Global Joe"

7 09 2007

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G.I. Joe, the popular comic book series, cartoon, and “Real American Hero” action figure that dates back to the 1940’s will be a major motion film set for release in summer 2009. But when it does, he won’t be the “Real American Hero” he is famous for from his glory days. Instead, Paramount Pictures has opted to evolve G.I. Joe into a politically correct, global soldier for the movie. They’ve even come up with a jab-in-the-back acronym for G.I. Joe: “Global Integrated Joint Operating Entity” Bet that’ll go over real smooth with our military folks.

No longer will G.I. Joe be a U.S. Special Forces soldier, the “Real American Hero” who, in his glory days, single-handedly won World War II.

The studio won’t elaborate, saying filming hasn’t begun and details are still in the works, but the behind-the-scenes rumblings are that the producers have decided to change the nature of G.I. Joe in order to appeal to a wider, more international audience.

The word is that in the current political climate, they’re afraid that a heroic U.S. soldier won’t fly.

The political climate after WWII wasn’t exactly smooth either. We had just ravaged most of Europe and dropped two atomic bombs in Japan. But the American solider was the real hero. And Americans appreciated them, regardless of what the rest of the world thought.

While living in Europe in the late ’80’s, I attended middle school in Brussels, Belgium.
Many of my classmates complained about America’s “attempt to rule the world,” in reference to our military bases in Europe, still in operation 30 years after the war. Their rather large “thorn in their own eye” was the fact that had America not come to their rescue, they would not have been alive to complain to me.

“I find it outrageous that they’d want to drop everything American” from the character, said conservative blogger Warner Todd Huston, who wrote about the rumors this week on Newsbusters.org and his own blog. “That’s nuts.”

Retired Army Col. David W. Hunt, a FOX News military and terrorism analyst, called the scheme to make a whole new Joe “a shame.”

“G.I. Joe is a U.S. guy,” Hunt said. “What are we going to call it — Global Joe? International Joe? It’s kind of stupid. It’s ridiculous that they’re doing that.”

Paramount wouldn’t say whether an American would be part of the new “global entity,” nor would it offer specifics about the storyline or the characters.

Don’t bother, it makes little difference.

I was surprised to see that the film will be produced by Di Bonaventura Films, which just did the highly successful “Transformers” movie. I played with and watched the cartoons of both Transformers and G.I. Joe growing up. To me, they are American icons. American heroes. There is little purpose in morphing them in order to appeal to the international audience.

When other countries produce films about their heroes, they do not dilute them to suit American interests. They make their film with pride and with the intent to interest and educate foreign audiences and instill honor and dignity in their own people. G.I. Joe, as that Real American Hero, does that for Americans.

As “Global Joe,” he will disappoint and infuriate Americans and become the laughing stock of the world as he symbolizes the softer, politically correct global climate.

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