Bin Laden Video … from the Left & Right

10 09 2007

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Lots of talk this weekend about the new bin Laden video:

Here’s the transcript (pdf).

Captain Ed makes some interesting observations:

Congress set a deadline on September 15th as well — the due date for a progress report on the Iraq War from President Bush. AQ wanted to replicate the Tet offensive, only not in Iraq but in Europe. A devastating attack before Bush delivered his report would tend to discredit the forward strategy pursued by the administration since the 9/11 attacks.

Why attack Europe? Osama wants the US out of the Middle East, especially Iraq and Afghanistan. If he could convince the American critics of the administration that the forward strategy had failed, Osama thinks he could gain enough leverage over Bush to force a withdrawal of troops in Iraq, if not Afghanistan. He wants to hit behind our lines to push us into a retreat from the real fronts against AQ in Iraq and Afghanistan.

His video message was timed to deliver that purpose. His announcement would have immediately preceded the attacks in Germany and Denmark, emphasizing AQ’s ability to strike anywhere in the world. And it probably would have had the effect Osama intended, had it worked; there is little doubt that war critics would have redoubled their effort to discredit the forward strategy and force Bush to pull out of Iraq.

Today, there is debate on the authenticity of the video. But one thing is clear: Of the two major political parties in America, bin Laden is disappointed with Democrats, his indisputable ally in his “War on America.”

In the tape, bin Laden criticizes Democrats for failing to stop the Iraq conflict that the “vast majority” of Americans want stopped.

“You elected the Democratic Party for this purpose,” he says, according to a translated transcript of the tape. “On the contrary, they continue to agree to spending of tens of billions to continue the killings and the war there.”

It’s also interesting, especially for Democrats, to note that bin Laden discusses Iraq. If he had no agenda there, he wouldn’t bother mentioning it. I’ll bet this will be ignored by Hillary and Obama at future debates, as it has been at past ones because the Democrat mantra of the war being Bush’s war is too far advanced to simply erase. On the other hand, bin Laden’s calling out of Democrats cannot be seen as anything other than a chastising of his ally for not working together on his task of defeating America.

Now the fun stuff. Gateway Pundit: “THIS IS JUST SCARY! On the radio last night John Gibson compared the words of the world’s most wanted terrorist, Osama Bin Laden, with the words of Keith Olbermann.”

John Gibson asks, “Does Osama sound like the democrats? Or, do the democrats sound like Osama?”

Even David Brooks from The New York Times says Osama sounds like a lefty blogger!

K.O. just can’t take it. He’s comparing Osama’s speech to Hannity! K.O.’s show was going so well too. I’m sorry, what show?

Others: Stop The ACLU, Stop The ACLU again, Hot Air, Hot Air again, Michelle Malkin.

Tel-Chai Nation trackbacked with: A terrorist disguised as Bin Laden?




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