September 11, Six Years Ago

11 09 2007

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Feels like yesterday. Feels like decades ago. Like everyone else, I remember with crystal clear lucidity where I was and what I was doing.

The pain coupled with the vigor and consolation of seeing Americans unite. Old Glory being waved from cars, homes, and highways. We must not ever let this day slip away in our memories.

9/11 Tribute by The Fray:

Betty Ong:

Others remembering:

Michelle Malkin:

But remembrance without resistance to jihad and its enablers is a recipe for another 9/11. This is what fueled my first two books, on immigration enforcement and profiling. This is what fuels much of the work on this blog and at Hot Air. Not every American wears a military uniform. But every American has a role to play in protecting our homeland–not just from Muslim terrorists, but from their financiers, their public relations machine, their sharia-pimping activists, the anti-war goons, the civil liberties absolutists, and the academic apologists for our enemies.

The Left greets such a commitment with mockery and derision, preferring instead to suck its collective thumb, play the grievance card, and engage in hindsight hypocrisy.

The 9/10 crowd stubbornly refuses to connect the dots to see any connection at all between 9/11 and the Iraq war. But it is all of a piece, and the troops who joined the military after the terrorist attacks and volunteered to go back again and again see it clearly. Watch. “Kill them over there so they don’t kill us over here” isn’t just an empty slogan for them. They live and die for it. For their children and ours. In Iraq and around the world.

La Shawn Barber:

Global Islamic terrorism is an affront to Western Civilization, and we’ve got to fight it with everything we’ve got. Forget weak “surges” and sending our men and women to fight a rag-tag bunch of thugs. Bomb them out, smoke them out, hold public executions — whatever it takes.

Forget jets crashing into buildings. That’s not the worst. Remember global Islamic terrorism. Think about living under sharia. I don’t know about you, but I’d rather be dead. That’s how strongly I feel about my freedom.

Victory over Islamic terrorism won’t take place in a desert battle zone but in our hearts and minds. We need a strong will and zero tolerance for weakness and apathy.

Hot Air, Stop The ACLU, Ian Schwartz.

Is 9/11 becoming just another calendar date?

Remembrance. Daily Kos-style. Not for the faint of heart.

Thespis Journal trackbacked with: Remembering September 11




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