From Phony Soldiers to Fairness Doctrine

1 10 2007

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Sore from the thrashing they took last week after they tried to take words by Rush Limbaugh out of context, Democrats will, reportedly, introduce a resolution sometime today condemning Rush for his observation of phony soldiers.

This is significant because it has the potential to dramatically up the stakes in this fight. If the Democratic leadership allows it to go for a vote, it will force all the Republicans in the House to either vote for it, against it, or skip the vote — and to pass judgment on the powerful conservative talk show host’s contention that troops who don’t support President Bush’s war policies are “phony soldiers.”

A few observations. First, Rush’s comments were not aimed at the soldiers Democrats have said they did. Democrats and Media Matters want us to believe the comments were directed at any soldier who would dare oppose the War on Terror. This is simply not true. Rush’s phony soldiers comments were aimed specifically at people like, Jesse MacBeth, Micah Wright, and Scott Thomas Beauchamp.

Second, Brian Maloney points out that ABC News aired a report on phony soldiers and Operation Stolen Valor two days before Rush made his remarks. Asks Maloney: “Given the overwhelming evidence to support Limbaugh’s contention that he really was talking about phony soldiers who have faked their service, how does the left justify continuing this fabrication?”

Third, John Murtha has already been shown to be a liar about the Haditha troops, yet not only have not heard an apology, he hasn’t had the guts to simply admit his remarks were wrong.

Here’s Rush response to the false accusations:
Michelle Malkin introduces another reason for this lunacy:

It’s about the Democrats trying to save face in the aftermath of the disastrous “General Betray Us” smear. They are making a pathetic attempt to equate the “Betray Us” attack–which was deliberately timed for publication and maximum p.r. damage to our military command when the world was watching our top general in Iraq testifying in Congress–with a radio talk show host’s ruminations about anti-war soldiers who have faked their military records/history.

Glenn Reynolds weighs in: “The intent is to limit the ability of people like Limbaugh or O’Reilly to drive stories in the mainstream news as we get closer to the election. Expect more of this, with more targets.”

The left is salivating at an opportunity to kill two birds with one stone: return emphasis to our failing war efforts and silence all conservative voices. But they’d gladly take a single victory in either. And since to achieve that will necessitate lying, it won’t happen.




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