Video: Why No Democrat will Debate Rush

4 10 2007

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At the very core of liberalism the twisted notion that one of government’s primary role is to ensure equality. The Declaration of Independence recognizes that all men are created equal. Of course, leftists also conveniently omit the very next part that says they are endowed by their Creator. So yes, all men are created equal, but with the unalienable right to become unequal. That’s what Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness embodies: a right to become unequal by amassing wealth, property, assets, knowledge, education, family, and anything else within the scope of the law.

What reactions do we see from liberals in order to safeguard equality? Higher taxes, universal health care, affirmative action, gay rights, abortion, anti-war . . . anything that stifles competition and free enterprise, and increases the grip of government on the people. What is astounding to observe here is that the anti-war stance taken top priority when it comes to equality in America. Defending terrorists has taken precedence over liberal government programs to “help” Americans. I don’t know what’s worse, liberals aiding terrorists so they can attack us in the future or curbing freedoms Americans were given by God.

Why is that? In less than one year after assuming control of Congress, the Democrat-controlled branch sank to an 11% approval rating. In an effort to distract from their unpropitious and inopportune circumstances, the left has resorted to a flurry of scathing attacks at core conservative strong holds. Why? In order to create a false sense of equality between their own miserable failures and the overwhelming success of conservatives. But in order to achieve this equality, they do not seek ways to increase their own success. They can’t. They are invested in defeat. They seek to drag conservatives down to their level of pathetic demise.

I submit that Reid, nor any other Democrat will come on the air with Rush to discuss the phony soldier issue. They demand Rush apologize for being unclear, when in truth, Rush was perfectly clear. “Rush talked about MacBeth, a true phony soldier, the day before and earlier in his show. The caller was talking about MacBeth and a few select others who insult the military and America by lying about their military background. That’s what callers do. They talk about what the host is talking about. Democrats are obligated to look at this in context. Since they choose not to, they whip up a Leftist Special. Take the ingredients of being fundamentally wrong on every level with this, as well as with the Betray Us ad, and mix with the liberal pillar of equality, add a pinch of defeat, and Voila! Important: Remove context before serving!




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