Gold Rush

19 10 2007

Filed under: Rush, Smear letter, Politics, ebay

I’ll bet neither Harry Reid, nor any other Democrat will take Rush Limbaugh up on his challenge to match the winning bid for the smear letter that sold on eBay earlier today for $2.1 million.

What I didn’t see earlier, since I took a brief pause from live blogging the Washington Briefing, was that Harry Reid tried to, now be sure to get this, take…snicker…credit…chuckle…for…giggle…raising…chortle…the money. OK. Go ahead. Laugh out LOUD!!!

Captain Ed:

He wants to take credit for over $4 million in donations that came from two people — the bidder, and the man Reid intended to smear and intimidate. That’s not just laughable, it’s pathetic.

Let’s see Reid put his money where his mouth is. Where’s Reid’s $2.1 million? He could sell off a few of the Nevada properties that have enriched him while he manipulates their value through legislation. His colleagues could also pitch in and at least match Rush in the aggregate — donating $50,000 for everyone who signed the letter. If they want to take credit for the fundraising, why don’t they contribute some funds themselves?

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