Live Blogging the Washington Briefing: Dr. Ron Paul

19 10 2007

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Dr. Paul’s belief that freedom is better than government bureaucracy and to achieve that, all we have to do is follow the Constitution. If you earn something, it belongs to you, not the government. Rejects the notion of the income tax and wants to repeal the Sixteenth Amendment. Applause.

As a doctor, understands that Roe needs to be overturned, but since he doesn’t want to wait for the Supreme Court to be stacked with enough conservatives, states that we can remove abortion from the jurisdiction of the courts. All it takes is a majority vote in Congress. Included in his “We the People Act.”

On immigration, light applause when mentioning that border troops need to be here, not in Iraq. Believes the best approach to curb illegal immigration is to take away incentives such as education, jobs, and health care.

Does not want America to get into war for the purpose of nation-building. He doesn’t seem to be as belligerent towards the War on Terror as in past debates. Believes if America must go to war, Congress declares it, we fight it, get it done and get out. Don’t stay in order to enforce UN sanctions. This was the view of the Founding Fathers. Loud applause.

Department of Education is unnecessary. If the federal government must be involved, the Constitution was designed to be amended slowly and tediously. This has not been the case with any program that can expand government.




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