Live Blogging the Washington Briefing: Duncan Hunter

19 10 2007

Filed under: Washington Briefing, Duncan Hunter, Politics

Hunter begins by touting his family and its rich service to our country in military and politics. He promoted his role in saving the Mt. Soledad Cross that allows Marines to see the cross from as far out as 50 miles off the coast. Recalls the industrial might of the United States that stepped up and aided in national security efforts during times of war.

Downplays China’s diluting of the dollar with an exodus of jobs and cheating on taxes. Commits to bring back high paying manufacturing jobs to America. Applause.

We are winning in Iraq. In the Anbar province, al-Qaeda is being crushed. Promises to never allow Iran to have a nuclear device. Applause. Highlights the fact that Democrats waffle on this issue.

Immigration, probably Hunter’s strongest issue, commits to build the entire border fence. Emphasizes that it’s not the straggly little worn out fence the liberal media keeps showing. Applause.

Commits to appoint judges that understand a sonogram is a picture of a living person, not a thing to be exposed of.




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