Live Blogging the Washington Briefing: Gov. Mitt Romney

19 10 2007

Filed under: Mitt Romney, Politics

Back for the evening session. Mitt leading off.

America will be changed by heads of household as well as heads of state. The strength of America’s families determines the future of our nation. Lots of applause. Seems to have a better-than-most following here.

Encourages Americans to take personal responsibility and get married before having children. His wife, Anna, champions the cause and it will become her focus if she becomes First Lady.

Mitt is speaking very enthusiastically as he hits one of the top issues to social conservatives. He knows he needs a good showing here to boost his campaign into the top two or three. A federal marriage amendment is the only way to prevent negative action by unelected judges.

Goes right to hot issue number two. He opposes abortion. From abortion to embryonic stem cell research. Yeah, yeah. Touts his record as governor. Every time, was on the side of life.

Quips that we can’t support a Mormon because we’ve listened to Harry Reid.

The three legs of the Conservative Coalition:

Defense, Economic, and Social.

Can’t win on one. Not even two. It takes all three.

Takes a stab at Rudy: “We can’t win if act like Hillary Clinton.”




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