Live Blogging the Washington Briefing: Mike Huckabee

20 10 2007

Filed under: Huckabee, Politics, Christianity

Last presidential candidate to speak: Mike Huckabee. Standing ovation at his introduction.

Starts out with a joke: Al Gore’s Nobel Peace Prize is held up: some ballots in Florida . . .

“I come, not as one who comes to you, but one who comes from you.” Excellent line. Resonates well all around the room.

“Values are not things we are interested in, these are things we are committed to.”

The values of freedom, family and faith are what drives a conservative.

“It is harder to get on an airplane in our own hometown than for an illegal to cross our border.” Standing ovation.

Another standing ovation on mentioning energy dependence and jobs in Asia. He’s two for two and he’s hot. He’s feeding off the crowd and become increasingly energized as he goes through his speech. Not too much glancing at his notes. He’s very much at home.

Third standing O on lowering taxes.

Fourth at mentioning too much money invested in the UN and any judge that uses a foreign case to rule in an American case should be impeached.

Fifth standing ovation discussing marriage is between one man and one woman. Certainly the Constitution was designed to be amended, but not beyond the context of its frame which is the scope of God’s word.

Takes a shot at any potential voters swayed by Rudy’s speech by noting that basketball coaches do not lower the basket if their team isn’t playing well. They raise the level of play. We do not need to sacrifice any values to satisfy any person’s politics. Sixth standing ovation. Extra long. Still going.

Using third person, us, we, a lot. He knows Rudy uses second person. Electability needn’t replace values.

After his speech, Huckabee gave a private Q & A for bloggers and one for the media. The only candidate, by the way, to do so at this conference. In the bloggers meeting, Huckabee was very open and comfortable. He took questions on his values, taxes, his Baptist background and his campaign goals. His most memorable statement was comparing his campaign to the Colonial army. Not as much money, ragged uniforms, and outnumbered, we continue to make progress and produce better-than-expected results in straw polls. He is my predicted winner in this straw poll. Results released around 3:00 EST.

Go read Erick Erickson’s post from the media room. Apparently, Max Blumenthal got schooled trying to embarrass Huckabee. Pathetic leftists.




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