Live Blogging the Washington Briefing: Rudy Giuliani

20 10 2007

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BUMPED: Rudy’s turn. He knows very well the audience is one big set of skeptical, folded arms. Begins with mentioning our shared values. Stresses that we have to find a way to be more inclusive. He’s preaching to the choir giving Christians a lesson on their faith – the display of love. “It’s a religion of inclusion.”

Actually, Christianity isn’t about religion. It’s a relationship. And it certainly isn’t about inclusion. It’s about truth. Absolute truth to be more specific. I’m not seeing any other bloggers with a sensitive enough worldview to catch this.

“We may have big problems, but we have bigger solutions.”

Requests that Christians review his 12 Commitments to the American People to see how our values are shared.

Admits he cannot be all things to all people. But you must a lot of things to slightly more than most people. And right now he’s not much to not many (social conservatives).

“But I will always be honest with you.”

“I am not an activist for liberal causes.” For proof, see any NY Times editorial while he was mayor.

I’m surprised. That’s the first time he mentioned he was mayor. I’m sure more is on the way.

Takes a stab at Romney: “Isn’t it better that I tell you what I really believe instead of changing all my positions?”

Invokes Ronald Reagan. Lived by his beliefs, his heart, his convictions. Says if he took a poll and ran on the results of the poll, he would be a follower. Presidents are leaders. Yes, but presidents are leaders that represent the view of those that elect him.

Finally gets to the gratuitous record as mayor of NYC. Compares America’s current moral situation to NYC at the time he was elected mayor. Just because NYC is America’s largest city, does not mean he can run America as successfully, especially since his absolutes are not the same as most conservatives.

Strong supporter of school choice. Parents understand their children better than government. “It takes a family, not a family, to raise a child.” Applause.

Finally mentions the “a” word. Reciting from his 12 Commitments to the American People, one goal is to increase abortions, laughter. Ahem, DECREASE abortions, laughter, increase adoptions. Slow applause.

Steps to decrease abortions: Veto any increase to public funding of abortions. Support parental notification. Support partial-birth abortion ban.

Steps to increase adoptions:

No direction for 2008 is more important than our judges. Commits to elect strict constructionist judges. Yawn.

We must stay on offense in the War on Terror. Saving the best for last. Iraq, Israel, and Darfur. Win, exist, and never again.

“Religion is about love, forgiveness, and inclusion. If we expect perfection from our political leaders, we’ll only be disappointed.” Got the first two, but inclusion is not a priority in Christianity.

“We don’t lose trust in our political leaders for making mistakes. We lose trust from lack of honesty.”

He’s done. He took twice his allotted time. And the media drops like flies. No one else worth covering. Just Michael Steele, Mark Levin, Gov. Huckabee…


Former New York Mayor Rudolph Giuliani, walking into a political lion’s den, told the year’s largest gathering of social conservatives that he is “not always the best example of faith” but that their similarities are much greater than their differences.

NZ Bear is also here.

This guy from the NY Times was NOT at the same speech. He couldn’t have been. It’s typical liberal spin.




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