Washington Briefing: Polls & Candidate

22 10 2007

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I am returning today from Washington, DC after live blogging the Washington Briefing. Endless thanks to Joe Carter for organizing the bloggers and Matthew Eppinette for sponsoring the New Media Row.

Most of my thoughts at this point are with the straw poll results and what is next for each candidate leaving the Washington Briefing.

After hearing the straw poll’s total vote results in the main auditorium, I attended Tony Perkins’ press conference to discuss the results with the media. It was here that he revealed the breakdown of onsite voters vs. online voters.

Here are the total vote results again:

Mitt Romney 1595 27.62%
Mike Huckabee 1565 27.15%
Ron Paul 865 14.98%
Fred Thompson 564 9.77%

Of note, Rudy Giuliani finished ninth with 107 votes.

But contrast that with the onsite vote results:

Mike Huckabee 488 51.26%
Mitt Romney 99 10.40%
Fred Thompson 77 8.09%
Tom Tancredo 65 6.83%%
Rudy Giuliani 60 6.30%

It’s easy to see that Huck overwhelmingly won among voters who heard the candidates speak.

Perkins did not draw any conclusions about the results but grinned as he said that the media can draw their own conclusions about how Romney won. The poll has been available since August and it’s no secret that Romney’s camp has a strong and well-funded internet mobilization capability. The fact that Huckabee’s speech was the only one with in-speech standing ovations coupled with his compelling victory among onsite voters, he, no doubt is the socon favorite. It remains to be seen whether he’ll receive enough endorsements to propel his campaign to the frontrunners.

Another interesting poll released yesterday is a Zogby poll revealing 50% of likely voters would never vote for Hillary Clinton. Of interesting note in this poll, Huckabee finished next to last in this poll, meaning only 35% of likely voters would never vote for him.




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