Video: How Dare They Ask Hillary a "Hard" Question

1 11 2007

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They were supposed to pitch her softballs. They should have known that she has no principled stances on the issues. She’s playing politics and is not near as good as her husband was. Besides, America was duped by Bill, twice. It’ll be hard for her to make it three with the same approach. Now, Camp Hillary has extra damage control work to do and they’ve created a new “Vast Right Left Wing Conspiracy” to blame. Mark Penn, Clinton’s senior strategist and pollster, and Jonathan Mantz, the campaign’s finance director, told supporters on a conference call Wednesday that they needed more money to fight back.

He [Penn], Mantz and several supporters hinted repeatedly on the call that Clinton was unfairly targeted by Tim Russert, debate moderator and host of NBC’s “Meet the Press.”

Obama and Edwards continued their assault throughout the day, trying to capitalize on the first chink in Clinton’s armor that they have seen in months.

In Wednesday’s conference call, Penn said Clinton “clarified that she does support governors like Gov. Spitzer” who are faced with the issue because of the federal government’s failure to offer comprehensive immigration reform.

Great. It took her 12 hours to give Americans the wrong answer. Usually she does that right away. But that’s beside the point. The glaring question here is if Hillary can’t handle the self-inflicted pressure of one very simple, direct question, how on earth can she handle the immense, day to day stresses of running the most powerful country in the world, not to mention the increasing tension with Iran and carrying on the War in Iraq!?

Captain Ed:

The debate broke Hillary’s double-talking dishonesty out into the open. Despite what Penn thinks, an army of Norman Hsus couldn’t get enough money to put the genie back in the bottle.

The Anchoress:

It is interesting that Poor Hillary’s response to all of this, besides whining, is to ask for more money and ever more money, as though more money will make her more sincere, or something.

Political guru, Newt Gingrich, who originally predicted Hillary had an 80% chance to win the White House in 2008, now changed that prediction to 50%.

“Her performance in that debate was so bad, on issues that matter so much, she may not be able to recover from it…”

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