Video: Pelosi Sees Bush as "Total Failure"

2 11 2007

Filed under: Pelosi, Congress, Approval, Politics, Conservatism

Is it still difficult for liberals to see that their party has no agenda other than to defame our nation’s president?

Not hard at all. Pelosi is a failure to America as well as to her beloved extremist Leftists who are still blinded by the belief that Democrats won their majorities in 2006 because of promises to get out of Iraq – a promise Pelosi has not been able to keep to her revered voters. And for good reason – that’s not why they won. They won because a legion of conservative voters did not vote because they were rightfully disappointed with their own party’s failures. But she is the most ineffective Speaker ever.

Bryan at Hot Air

Hm. Solid economy in spite of a planet full of uncertainty and chaos, no attacks on the US homeland despite 6 years of al Qaeda and assorted wannabes trying, and a war in the volcano called Iraq that seems to be turning around. Oh, and the deficit is going down too.

At least Bush’s positives outweigh the few blemishes on his record. Pelosi hasn’t done anything right, from anyone’s standpoint.




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