Huckabee Endorsing Jesus or Jesus Endorsing Huckabee

6 12 2007

Filed under: Huckabee, Election, 2008

How bloggers can derive, “Jesus is now endorsing Huckabee,” from this is pretty unreasonable. Furthermore, I think it’s evidence of partisanship within the party because Huck is surging and he is obviously not their choice.

For example, Jim Geraghty:

Wow. Huckabee’s been endorsed by both Chuck Norris AND Jesus Christ.

Dang. Here I was looking at poll numbers, advertising, and endorsements, when I should have been detailing and quantifying the “not human” factor in the race.

Dan Riehl:

I just find it insulting, though I appreciate Huckabee’s context, it is not the context of the majority of Americans he needs to appeal to. Maybe he should try out for the NFL, or go back to televangelism, both venues where this stuff plays much better.

He answered a question, folks. That deserves a bit more than a glance towards context. Context is all there is here.

Hot Air:

Yeah, listen, nothing personal. I’m sure he’s a good guy and has only the best intentions. But this is where I get off.

Jay Stephenson is right, though he may doubt himself:

I think he was attempting to thank God for his guidance. Maybe I’m wrong, but I’m gonna give him the benefit of the doubt on this and just stick to critiquing him on the issues.

Of course he was giving credit to God for his inexplicable surge. That’s why he compared it to Jesus’ feeding of five thousand. Both are miracles, in this case, Huckabee can’t credit solely for his surprising success.

Folks, let’s understand something, religion to Huckabee and Romney, as we saw in his home run speech today, is more than just words. Rudy and Fred indicate they are guided by faith, but don’t attend church regularly. There’s a disconnect there. Fred is more conservative than Rudy, but Christians can see right through the lukewarm faith of those two. Christians start with a candidate that is open and honest about their faith and believe it is at the core of who they are. Not just another thing on a political checklist to net more voters.

Now, I like Huckabee and have for several months now. But I and other socially conservative bloggers aren’t out there stooping to the liberals’ game of opponent attacks. Don’t like the guy? Fine, talk about how your guy is better. That’s what we’ve been doing. Did it when we were behind and we’re doing it now.

But let’s not talk about “getting off” anyone in the primaries. You might just have to get on when we get to the national election. And I know many of you conservative bloggers that don’t like Huck will vote for him then long before I’ll vote for Rudy (which is never).




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